DIY PaperBag Princess Costume Tutorial

DIY PaperBag Princess Halloween Costume

DIY PaperBag Princess Halloween Costume

Paperbag Princess CrownThe classic feminist fairy tale The PaperBag Princess by Robert Munch was always one of my favourites as a child. She was so different from all of the other princess books and it was a good message that perhaps planted the seed to me studying gender studies at university – but maybe that’s a stretch.  Anyways, it is such a great kids story.

This usually is an easy, straightforward costume to create – a square bag with a hole for your head and arms and a yellow construction paper crown. Of course, I wasn’t going to do a normal version of this costume, I wanted create a haute couture version of the dress. See instructions on how to create your own fancy Paperbag Princess dress below! As a bonus this costume is CHEAP to make – since most of the material is brown paper bags.


DIY PaperBag Princess Costume


PaperBag Princess Halloween Costume Supplies


  • Brown paper bags – lots of them!
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Elastic (to make a skirt waistband)
  • Duct Tape (to secure the bags on the backside of skirt)
  • Mini dragon stuffed animal


  • Gold wire
  • Gold coloured crystals


  • Regular make-up routine and,
  • Brown eyeshadow to make your face look dirty.

Accessories (optional)

  • Boyfriend to be your Prince Ronald
  • Cover your shoes with brown paper bags

PaperBag Princess Robert Munch

Prince Ronald and the PaperBag Princess - Couples Costume



  1. Cut an elastic band a length slightly smaller than your waist (approximately 1-2 inches). Sew in place
  2. Cut bags apart to create flat rectangles
  3. Lay them flat and cut the corners off the top part which will loop around the elastic.
  4. Loop the top part over the elastic and secure with glue – SCRUNCH the bottom part of the bag
  5. Create multiple layers of bags under the first layer until you receive the desired length and fullness. Tape the layers into place with duct tape (glue may also work)
  6. Scrunch the bags to get the a puffy crinoline look

Note: You need to wear something under this dress; especially in case it rains (which it did when I wore it – hence the costume did not survive a second Halloween).

PaperBag Princess Skirt in progress


  1. Tape multiple bags together until it can reach around your chest
  2. Tape closure on the back or side while you wear the shirt
  3. Play with accordion folds to make the strap more interesting
  4. Add a dragon!

Dragon on shoulder


Paperbag Princess Crown

  1. Make a circle with the gold wire
  2. Loop five triangular points around the circle. As you make the points add a gold crystal at the top, twist the wire to secure the bead and create the next point.
  3. Once the points are complete add a thin wire with a gold bead above the first circle; twist around the points to secure it.
  4. The crown doesn’t have to be perfect, being bent adds to the look.

Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe!

DIY Halloween Wreath

DIY Halloween Wreath

I am obsessed with Halloween and am ashamed to say I did not have a Halloween wreath for my door. This was a perfect reason to DIY and make something unique.  I decided to go with a sparkly pumpkin and witch theme in purple and orange. Orange is essentially the Halloween and fall colour so it MUST be incorporated into your Halloween wreath :)! The wreath cost approximately $22 to make and all the supplies were from Michaels or Dollarama. The garland and sparkly pumpkins were from the dollar store, all other supplies were from Michaels.

I’m glad to say I was able to hang it before October even began! Make your own with the tutorial below.

Halloween Wreath


  • Black sparkly branch wreath form

Black Sparkly Branch Wreath

  • Leaf garland
  • Wired ribbon
  • Assortment of sparkly pumpkins and other details (wooden witches)

Halloween Wreath Supplies

Wooden Witch on Broomstick

  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire or string for the loop at the back to hang the wreath


  1. Lay out all of your supplies
  2. Begin to glue the leaf garland and ribbon around the wreath
  3. Alternate which goes on top the garland then the ribbon
  4. Glue the sparkly pumpkins evenly around the wreath. Strategically place the witches.Witch Wreath detail

  5. Use the extra ribbon to create a bowHalloween Bow
  6. Puff the ribbon up and create fullness with the wire – pull it up so that the ribbon isn’t flat against the wreath.
  7. Put a loop of wire or string on the back of the wreath to hang it just in time for Halloween.
  8. Clean up the sparkles as they will be everywhere!

Halloween Wreath Purple and Orange

Happy Halloween! I would love to see your Halloween decor!



Anniversary Balloon

Red and White Floral Skirt – Afternoon Tea Outfit

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Roses Skirt

Afternoon Tea

If you know me, you know afternoon tea and getting to wear a fascinator makes me extremely happy.  For our three year anniversary T and I went for afternoon tea at The Ritz. He’d never been for a real afternoon tea before and insisted on putting Devonshire cream on absolutely every bite sized item. Hey, why not?

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Red and White

White Swan Fascinator

Although the tea set-up was modern, my outfit fit more of the classic afternoon tea vibe. I went for a red and white flowered skirt and a black blouse; both are loose enough that I can eat. I paired the outfit with red satin Charlotte Olympia shoes (which were a splurge despite being on sale) which brought all the reds of the skirt and makeup together. The heels are also low and easy to walk in. The simple white fascinator was from a never used white swan outfit, DIY your own here. The jewelry is from anniversaries and holidays’ past.

Sloane Tea

Although I’m more of a vintage three tiered china tray type of gal, the food was great and allergy friendly.  The modern metal shelves the food came on were actually really different and interesting to look at. It was surprisingly an amazing value, I thought the experience would be more expensive given it was The Ritz. The standard package came with a glass of Prosecco (my favourite) and many bite size sweet and savory items – we were stuffed afterwards and needed to walk the food off. 

Anniversary Couple

Red Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Shirt: Jacob (now closed)
Skirt: TSOQ
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Fascinator: DIY your own!

Orange Coat Outfit - Zara

Orange Coat and Black Hat

My boyfriend hates this hat and I do NOT care! 

Orange Coat Outfit - Zara

Orange Coat Outfit Zara

I wore this outfit to work and I had two strangers on the street randomly say how stylish I looked. The compliments made my day!  

Orange Coat Zara

The orange coat is one of my favourite statement pieces from Zara. Whenever I wear it I feel amazing and totally confident. The outfit is pretty dark, but the vibrancy of the coat makes up for this. I wore a stretchy pencil skirt and a top with black lace and a grey peplum under it.  The gladiator sandals bring out the grey in the top. Of course the hat is what makes this outfit completely “extra” I vow the start buying bigger and bigger hats!

Black Hat and red lips

Orange Coat and Black Hat

An extra bonus is by fluke my pedicure matches the coat! The only accessory I’m wearing is one of my go-to creations 

Black Hat Outfit

Orange Coat: Zara
Peplum Shirt:
Hat: Express
Skirt: Jacob
Sandals: Sam Edelman


Grey Shorts Brunch Outfit

Grey Shorts Brunch Outfit


Brunch is really the best meal. This outfit paired  many old pieces from my closet. It is proof that what you have in your closet already is probably awesome. The shorts I bought at The Clothing Show many years ago – if I remember correctly they were only $10 because they were a sample the designer made for a fashion show. Definitely one of my luckiest purchases.  The blazer is from Club Monaco and almost 10 years old. I paired it with a basic white tank top. 

Grey Shorts and a white tank

By Lake ON

The outfit would have looked better with heels, but that would have limited the walking and exploring by the lake; so I opted for gladiator sandals which had a hint of silver. 

Caterpillar turned butterfly

This wall says “Just when the caterpillar thought it was over it turned into a butterfly” it took so long to read this phrase and once I figured it out I thought it was so beautiful. 

Blazer: Club Monaco
Tank top: Forever 21
Shorts: I think they are by jordanderuiter
Sandals: Sam Edelman

White Swan Fascinator

White Swan Feather Fascinator 

This is a super easy and lazy way to make a fascinator. I bought this white feather piece for around $3 at a craft store on Queen Street. The flip clips came in packs of 10 at the dollar store. So the accessory costs less than $5 to make!

I made two of these for a friend’s white swan outfit that never panned out. She was supposed to be white swan and I’d be the black swan; but illness happened on Hallowe’en and I was a solo evil swan.  But I have brought the headpiece out for afternoon tea dates and for when I feel like being fancy. 


White Feather Fascinator - Front

  • Feather piece 
  • Flip clips – to be more professional you could use a hair comb
  • Hot glue


  1. Glue two flip clips to the back of the feather piece and let dry.
  2. That is it, you’re done!

White Swan Feather Fascinator - Back

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Red and White

The June Motel

Wine Tour Outfit – Prince Edward County

Good Wine Pillow

For my sister’s birthday and for our monthly sister day we decided to visit Prince Edward County. We found this adorable girly hotel, The June Motel, I’ve seen all over Instagram and blogs lately. In reality if the hotel has pink doors I will probably stay there.

Wine Tour Outfit

We made it to Picton with a half an hour to spare so we took photos in the wonderfully decorated lobby.  Whoever put it together has a great eye. The room was also true to the theme, which my DIY self appreciated 

The June Motel

I’ve never been on a wine tour before but I can safely say it is my new favourite thing. They took us to five wineries and as a bonus we were in a limo! The standout ones were Sandbanks, it was the most fun and generous. And Chadsey’s was picturesque and I wished I could have hung out there longer. The owner looked like Clint Eastwood and the grounds had an old barn and schoolhouse on them. 

Girl Sitting on Hay

Old School House

Old School Desk

Chadsey's Winery Barn

Luckily it was warm this day so I choose this turquoise romper. This piece is great because it looks like you tried but you really didn’t because it is only one piece. I paired it with gladiator sandals as this isn’t an adventure for heels. I wore minimal jewelry, a tiny cross and one of my bullet necklaces and some glittery bracelets completed the outfit.

Wine Tour Outfit


Romper: Marciano
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Jewelry: Bracelets and bullet necklace made by me

This Calls For Wine

Road Trip Outfit

Road Trip Outfit

Giant Muskoka Chair

Feather Earrings

Sadly cottage season is coming to an end. But at least I was lucky enough to get out of the city once for the summer. My sister and I journeyed to our cousins’ cottage south of North Bay. If you get no traffic and speed you can get there in just over three hours, but this of course wasn’t the case for us.

For the loooonng car ride I chose a comfy loose dress that I recently got from someone’s closet clean. It is maternity style and you can definitely eat in it. I paired it with cheap flip flops; today comfort was paramount. The only accessory was a pair of feather earrings I made. 

Sisters in a Muskoka Chair

Road Trip Outfit

Sitting on a wagon

Stopping at Webers for a burger has always been the tradition and luckily at 11:00 a.m. there wasn’t a line to get a burger and fries. They have really improved the grounds and washrooms there since I was a child. Eating in the train cafeteria and photo opportunities on the giant Muskolka chair made the place even better.

Rainbow Muskoka Chairs

Giant Muskoka Chair

This long journey was totally worth it to arrive here in nature 

Cottage hiking

Dress: Lulu’s (but was a hand me down)
Flip flops: Old Navy
Earrings: Made by me

Carnival Outfit

Let’s Go to ‘the Ex’ Outfit

Ferris Wheel

Going to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) or ‘The Ex’ is a tradition! I must get Tiny Tom’s donuts, deep fried Oreos and my 99 cent spaghetti! Surprisingly with a nut allergy I am still able to fully enjoy the unhealthy food 🙂

I really wish I would have gotten some better pictures given the location has so much craziness and energy in it. Oh well, there is always next year. At least I felt cute in my outfit.

The skirt is from Express and I’ve styled it a few other ways here and here. It is perfect because it poufs out so you can eat in it!

Skirt: Express
Shirt: French Connection
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Made by me

Picnic layout

ChocoSol Chocolate

I get extremely excited when I discover new nut free products, especially when they are chocolate based. I discovered ChocoSol Traders when I went to the Dufferin Grove farmers market to research for an article I was writing. I am also a sucker for pretty and skull based marketing so when I saw this chocolate it was a given I’d buy some.

Package Free Chocolate - ChocoSol

Girl holding Picnic Basket

As an added bonus the chocolate can come package-free and the wrapping is paper – so they are pretty green. Yes, I can feel ethical when eating chocolate!

The chocolate is definitely real and cacoa- based so if you want a something that tastes like an Aero bar you’ll be disappointed. But it will satisfy your sweet tooth and make a perfect (and cute) picnic addition (especially if you grab it from the farmers’ market then find your picnic spot). I hear they also make cookies and hot chocolate so I’ll visit the store to try those next. 

ChocoSol Traders Chocolate

Shakespeare in High Park

Watching Queen Lear (not King Lear) at Shakespeare in the Park.