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Top Shop Dress = Shirt and a Pocket Square (DIY)

Blonde Laughing

This shirt was originally a dress. I bought it at Top Shop many years ago on a trip to London. I couldn’t try it on and so wanted an item from there (this was before it came to Canada). The dress didn’t exactly fit and was both tight and loose at the same time on the hips (how does that happen?). It wasn’t very comfortable or flattering. But the item was sentimental; I wanted to keep it.

Taking SCISSORS to the dress would make it work! Below is the original dress.


Matching pocket square and shirt

I cut the dress an inch or so underneath the zipper and I used the excess skirt fabric to make a perfectly matching pocket square. I sewed up the bottom hem of the shirt and did my best to sew a square (it is way harder than you’d think). Even if my hem isn’t perfect you can’t tell when I tuck the shirt in or fold the square.

To bring out the white in the shirt I paired it with a white blazer from JCrew. The cuts of their suiting fit me perfect. I have this style blazer in a few in different colours. The super cute black flats have bows on them and are my new go-to. I wore the ensemble to work and it was fine to last all day because of the stretch in the skirt.

What I wore to work - edgy

Matching Pocket Square Outfit

Bonus: I reused and saved something from the garbage heap to make a completely unique outfit. I also had extra fabric to gift another pocket square or to practice sewing. Yay upcycling!

Shirt and pocket square: refashioned Top Shop dress
Blazer: JCrew
Skirt: Jacob (now closed)
Shoes: H&M

Girl Holding Blueberry basket

Berry Picking Outfit

Berry Picking Outfit

I have not been berry picking since I was a child. I fondly remember blueberry picking at my cousins’ cottage and searching to find the biggest ones. I knew doing it this year was a must!

We went to Andrews Scenic Acres in Milton, which was just over an hour outside of the city. It was beautiful and you could find a quiet berry picking spot despite the crowds. 

Blueberry and Raspberry Baskets

Blueberry Picking

Berry Picking

I threw on an outfit that was cute and slightly practical. But I must admit I regretted the sandals after stepping on my third thistle. However, the jean shorts are easy to move in and the sun hat protected my skin, although it kept blowing off my head.  I wore a loose polyester tank top I didn’t care about and I tied a turquoise ribbon on the hat to match the shoes.  Adding a ribbon to the hat is an easy way to customize an outfit. 

The blueberries were easy and fun to pick but the raspberries were a struggle. There were so many bees around them and I urged my bee allergy boyfriend to stop picking the raspberries and run to safety. At the end we had a decent amount of both and it was a successful day!

Sunhat: H&M
Sunglass: Kate Spade
Shirt: Urban Planet (from ages ago)
Shorts: Jacob
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Feather & Chain Earrings: Made by me

Berry Picking Outfit


Salvador Dali Graffiti Wall

Summer Shorts Outfit and a Green Salvador Dali

I found this random, weird green Dali depiction while wandering around The Junction. It brought back memories of long ago summers. Salvador Dali is my favourite artist, I’ve read his autobiography, memorized his history and I missioned alone in Spain to his museum. It was a two hour train ride from Barcelona and I got stranded there for a few hours because the train went on siesta when I wanted to return. At the time it was terrifying; but I’m so glad I made the journey!


Gold Statement Necklace - Etsy

Summer Short Outfit - Street Style


For this hot summer day I went for a shorts outfit that was an alternative and dressier version to the standard jean shorts. These shorts are a favourite of mine that I got while in Hong Kong. The shirt I got while on a trip in London. Wow, three travel mentions in one blog post that sounds obnoxious doesn’t it? Sadly I am broke now and need to relive my travels through murals and outfits.

Summer Shorts Outfit



The gold statement necklace gives drama to the the look and it is currently one of a kind (I may make some for my Etsy). I love this purse, I call it my “big girl purse” since it doesn’t have cartoon characters on it. It looks like bullet holes, but white is sooooo hard to keep clean.

The bestie carrying me.

Green Salvador Dali

Shirt: Top Shop
Shorts: I don’t know where I got them and I couldn’t find the label online.
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Purse: Phillip Lin 3.1
Jewelry: Made by me 

Lucy of the Peanuts graffiti wall

Metallic Grey Leggings

I am doing my best to be less wasteful and want to do my part to help the Earth. Of course shopping secondhand at Value Village would fit into this (I’m giving myself any justification to shop really). When I dropped off donations I vowed to find something awesome in the racks.

Grey Shiny American Apparel Leggings

My search turned up these shiny high-waisted grey American Apparel leggings. They looked new and cost $9; which is great because I remember the store charging close to $50! It is hard to find comfy and shiny items, but these fit both bills.

Grey American Apparel Shiny Leggings

I paired them with a boyfriend blazer that has details of shiny leopard in the fabric and a simple white shirt.  The outfit colours are monochromatic but the shine and contrasting fabrics make them more interesting. The dark red lipstick and skull scarf are my main accessories.

Lucy of the Peanuts graffiti

My bestie is always searching for new graffiti walls in Toronto, so we journeyed to find this Lucy wall for the ootd pictures. I always wished Charlie Brown would have gotten to kick that football.

Blazer: Elizabeth & James
Leggings: Value Village (originally from American Apparel)
Shirt: Jacob
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Flats: H&M

Burgundy Zara Dress

Burgundy Zara Dress

This burgundy dress from Zara was a steal at $15 plus tax. I was so happy to scoop it up; I felt like they must have made a mistake on the sale.

Burgundy Zara Dress

The dress is stretchy and comfortable for being a tight dress. I wore it on a day I had to endure a 10 hour road trip for work and it and felt fine. Of course the shoes came off during that trip!

Gunmetal Zigzag Crystal Earrings

I love this dress because it is so easy! You don’t need to do much to accessorize it. The peak-a-boo detail in the lace and girly frill give interest to an otherwise simple dress. Given the details at the collar; a necklace isn’t necessary. I completed the look with basic black pumps and crystal gunmetal earrings to give the look some dark sparkle. The lipstick is Rebel by Mac and is similar to the dress shade.

Zigzag Gunmetal Crystal Earrings

Dress: Zara
Heels: Steve Madden
Earrings: Bright Shadows Jewelry

Big Teddy Bear and Girl

Teddy Story Cafe Outfit

I was on my way to a friend’s apartment for a party and I noticed this illuminated storefront full of teddy bears. It seemed out of place and random to have a teddy store opened at almost 9 o’clock at night on Adelaide Street East. I was curious and wished I had time to go in.

Teddy Story cafe

I later found out it was a cafe and teddy bear store in one with the cute name of Teddy Story. Being a tea drinker who is always on the search for an interesting independent shop, this made a visit a must!

Teddy Bear Cafe

Tea and Macaroon

Flat lay neutral outfit

I planned my outfit to match the decor and mood of the store, I think I fit in. The outfit is neutral and sweet like a porcelain doll. I’m usually more dramatic in my colours but I like how the cream and pastel work. I have many skirts in this cut; they are so comfortable and this one has pockets! The wide peachy fishnets draw from the shirt’s colour and are an atypical fishnet pattern. The cardigan also adds some sparkle! I feel adorable in this outfit and wore it to work on a Friday (but added the fishnets after work was done).

Doll Inspired Outfit

So many teddy bears!

Neutral Fishnets

I have never been in a place with baskets of teddy bears before, let alone one almost my size. I think the pictures are cute, not creepy. What do you think?

Girl hugging a big teddy bear


Cardigan: vintage find originally from the now closed Jacob Jr
Shirt: gift from my sister from Korea
Skirt: Express
Shoes: Call It Spring
Fishnets: Don’t know where I got them

Doll-inspired outfit

Floral Suit for women

Zara Floral Suit

If I go to a work event or meeting I hate seeing a sea of black and grey suits. I always try to switch it up and add some colour without being too crazy for the business world.

Floral Pant Suit Outfit

I was determined to find something fabulous for a meeting and my new LinkedIn photo. This blue and floral suit from Zara was perfect; I feel like a total girl boss in it. The pieces are interesting and can also be fun separates. I guarantee no one else will be wearing this statement outfit to your next business meeting.

Bite Lipstick Radish Colour

The suit material is light so it is great for summer or spring; it is my first spring suit! It is also loose and comfortable for an all-day session, but still gives a wow factor. The peach shirt brings out the flower colours in the suit and makes the look less boring than pairing it with a plain white shirt.

Floral Suit Outfit - What I wore to work

Floral suit: Zara
Shirt: gift from my sister from Korea
Heels: This is Spring
Pearl Earrings
Lipstick: Bite Lipstick in Radish



DIY Floral Wreath tutorial

DIY Floral Wreath for $15

This wreath is so easy to make, and cheap too!

DIY Floral Wreath

I was looking at my boring door and I realized I only had a Christmas wreath and I hadn’t done a DIY in a while. Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, this wreath will take less than an hour to make.

I got my branch wreath form for $5 at Michael’s.  I bought the fake flowers at Dollarama so that they would be cheaper. You can find really fancy ones at craft stores like Michael’s but Dollarama actually has a huge collection.


  • Branch wreath formBranch Wreath Form
  • assortment of fake flowers (in any colour scheme you wish)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire or string for the loop at the back to hang the wreath


  1. Break all of the flowers apart from their stems.
  2. Lay them out by colour and size.
    Fake Flowers
  3. Begin to glue the big flowers in the middle of the half of the wreath you are decorating.
  4. Glue the flowers close together and fill the space by gluing leaves between them.
    In Progress Spring Wreath
  5. Keep gluing flowers and alternating colours until you reach your desired look.
  6. Put a loop of wire or string on the back of the wreath to hang it.
  7. Hang the wreath and admire how happy this wreath makes your door look.

DIY Floral Wreath

Sailor Moon Dress

Sailor Moon Celebration Outfit

Sailor Moon Inspired Make-up

I discovered Toronto had a Sailor Moon Convention; so I of course had to attend! Finding an outfit not too campy but subtle enough to convey Sailor Moon was a fun mission. I did have an old Sailor Venus costume that I made years ago. But I could do a better job making it now and didn’t want to look silly next to the real cosplayers. 

Keep On Chasing Sailor Moon

There were some creative costumes at the convention, and a large vendor section with impressive independent artists. There were also some fun activities like a Sailor Moon Tea. To find out about the day read my review “Fighting Evil By Moonlight…My Day at the Sailor Moon Convention” on the Curiocity blog.

Now back to my outfit journey! I knew Hot Topic would definitely have something Sailor Moon related and this dress was perfect and I can wear it again. I added the pink bow in the back to go with the Sailor Moon theme. I fully expected 5 other girls that be wearing my dress and they were, but I think I wore it better 😉 

Bow on Back of Sailor Moon Dress

Sailor Moon Dress

I went with some alien looking makeup for this look and of course a crescent moon to complete it. The super glittery lipstick is Fluke Diamond Crusher by LimeCrime and the bright pink eyeshadow is #75 by Make Up For Ever. 

Sailor Moon Inspired Make-up

The a day was a good excuse to dress a bit wild.

Dress: Hot Topic (embellished with a bow I had)
Shoes: Suzy Shier
Lips: Fluke Diamond Crusher by LimeCrime
Eyeshadow and Glitter on Moon: Make Up Forever

Cinderella's Castle

Nut-Free Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld!

I was ecstatic to discover that Disneyworld is amazing for allergies. Going on vacation and being on edge and afraid to eat is a horrible feeling. There is always new and interesting food (and sweets) that I want to try; especially at theme parks. But more often than not eating is out of the question when you’re deathly allergic. Below is my Disneyworld Magic Kingdom, Florida food journey.

But before I do anything I need tea (Disneyworld Starbucks). So happy Starbucks has introduced coconut milk!

Starbucks Disneyworld

Cinderella’s Royal TableBreakfast at Cinderella's Table

A few days prior to our visit we went online to get restaurant reservations to discover you apparently have to book these things 180 days in advance (WHAT?!). Luckily we arrive early the Monday morning and there is room at Cinderella’s Castle (we are her special guests). It was the most expensive and magical breakfast I’ve ever had. When you enter the castle you first meet Cinderella; later they usher you upstairs for breakfast.

First of all, the restaurant has an allergy specific menu. Hallelujah! They start breakfast with a tray of pastries, some are Mickey-shaped of course, and I can actually eat them! Do you know how rare that is? I could have just kept eating the pastries, but it came with a full bacon and eggs breakfast as well. You also had coffee/tea and a goblet of juice. The food was actually great and a higher quality than I expected (especially the pastries) and the service was incredible. They were extremely aware of allergies and very attentive.

Cinderella's Breakfast Allergy-Friendly Menu

Nut-free Disneyworld pastries

During breakfast four other princesses circulate and greet you; and they NEVER break character. Totally worth the money!

Cinderella Notebook

Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle

Gaston’s TavernGaston's Cinnamon Bun
I have a cinnamon bun obsession. So when I was researching Magic Kingdom and saw a picture of one at Gaston’s Tavern, I prayed I could eat it. Unlike Cinderella’s Royal Table, Gaston’s is a counter service place, so it isn’t a sit down restaurant. It is dimly lit; but you can sit in Gaston’s chair.

When I enquired about the cinnamon bun the server was kind enough to search through the ingredient binder for me…and I could eat it! Oh happy day! This was the biggest cinnamon bun I’ve ever seen; look at it, it is as big as my head. It is a twist on the classic cinnamon bun; there is a caramel syrup throughout it. T and I liked them so much we also took one each to go (bows head in shame).

Mickey StrawT is getting grumpy so we get a drink at the Starlight Cafe. A safe icy drink, complete with Mickey straw.

Tony’s Town Square
By 6:00 p.m. we just wanted to get dinner reservations anywhere. The only sit-down spot available was Tony’s Town Square (the Lady & the Tramp restaurant) at 8:30 p.m. Sadly we missed the parade because we were eating. Like Cinderella’s Castle they had a special allergy-friendly menu. Italian is my favourite food so this was a perfect ending. I got spaghetti and meat balls, so the meal was fairly ordinary, but still good. But, drum roll please….this restaurant serves WINE!Disneyworld Allergy-Friendly menu

Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti and Meatballs

I’m already dreaming of my next Disney adventure. Where did you eat at Disneyworld, any recommendations for my next trip?