Pink Jumpsuit in Jamaica

Hot Pink Banana Republic Belted Jumpsuit (2 Ways)

I wanted to get something new for my Jamaica trip. I felt like I had already worn all my resort appropriate clothes and wanted something fresh to make me feel amazing- so I searched for bright colours. When I saw this electric pink jumpsuit it screamed at me. I was worried it wouldn’t fit but luckily I scooped up the last one in my size! See below for the two slightly different ways I styled it.

Look 1 – Resort Outfit

Pink outfit and red necklace

DIY Straw Pom Pom Clutch

The secret with bold coloured jumpsuits is it looks like you put a lot of effort in but you didn’t since it is just one piece. The best thing is, it has pockets?! It may not look it but it is comfortable and fairly light.

I wore this outfit to our farewell to vacation dinner on our last night in Jamaica. I paired it with a statement gold and red necklace and stretchy neon bracelets. I love these silver flat sandals, I got them made when I was in Capri. This cute little old man had a shop where you could pick the sandal style, leather colour and size! I always feel fancy when I wear them.   Another great thing about this pant suit is I didn’t need to wear heels with the suit- the length is perfect for flats.

The purse is an embellished purse from Michael’s craft store (DIY coming soon). It is perfect for the climate and actually holds a lot.

Pink Banana Republic Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic
Necklace: made by me
Sandals: Got custom made on the spot in Capri
Bracelets: made by me

Look 2 – Funky work outfit

Pink Belted Jumpsuit

Turquoise Sandals - Sam Edelman

This looks is almost the same but a bit more funky. Instead of a chunky necklace I wore a long bullet necklace -it has a crystal inside an upcycled bullet. You can’t see the shoes in the full body picture because unfortunately my photographer cut them off! But they are turquoise sandals with gold details. The shiny Rayban glasses also make the look more street.

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic
Necklace: made by me
Glasses: Rayban
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Ted Baker Scalloped Dress

Ted Baker Scalloped Dress

I have always admired Ted Baker’s line. It is well made, beautiful and classic.  But I’ve held back purchasing because it is hard to justify spending a certain amount of money on clothes. However, I came into some fun money and thought the perfect thing to do with it was to get something I’ve wanted for awhile.  Since this this money was unplanned and this dress was on sale I convinced myself it was okay to buy. Now I may be addicted to his line.

Curtsy in a Scalloped Dress

The dress has pockets!

I wore this dress to a fancy celebration dinner for my four year anniversary. We went to Flor de Sal, a restaurant near Casa Loma which we stumbled upon a few Halloweens ago. When we went the first time we were definitely dressed inappropriately; now it is a place we go on special occasions.

What I love about this dress is the attention to details. Aside from the pretty grey and floral motif – the scalloped hem and sleeves give extra special details. There is also a copper exposed zipper on the back. And wait – it has pockets! The dress also has stretch and is big circle skirt you can actually eat in. The bright pink purse is also Ted Baker and I scored it at Nordstrom’s The Rack.  I saw it and it screamed me; luckily I’ve been a pro at spotting sales lately.

Short Wavy Hair

The heels have ankle straps that make them less typical. I also did my best to curl my hair for the occasion, but sadly it was almost flat when we got to the restaurant due to the wind.

Ted Baker Scalloped Dress

Ted Baker skater pink and grey scalloped dress

What is your splurge brand?

Dress: Ted Baker
Purse: Ted Baker
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Metallic Grey Leggings and a blue wall

American Apparel Metallic Grey Leggings

Blue Archway - Roncesvalles

Green Damask Wallpaper

Lately these shiny grey leggings have been my go-to for style and comfort. See more polished way I wore them here. They were the best Value Village score. I am determined to wear pants as little as possible! And I would’t exactly consider leggings pants …but these leggings are super easy and still fashionable.

Mint Green Teapot

Mint Green Teapot

This outfit is very simple, a loose black shirt and the statement leggings. The only accessory I added was the kitschy fun cameo necklace to give the outfit some flair. Red lips and dramatic eyelashes also glam the look up. I wore the outfit wandering around Roncesvalles on the weekend.

Grey Leggings Outfit

Blue Wall

You probably won’t notice, but I tried to put a purple wash in my hair and it didn’t take very well, you can see slight lavender in my hair directly in the light but just barely! The goal is to be blonder to have crazier hair!

Sipping Tea

Leggings: American Apparel (from Value Village)
Random old black shirt
DIY necklace made from old jewelry
Lipstick: Lime Crime (True Love)
Sandals: Sam Edelman 

Colourful Outfit and a purple wall

Kaleidoscope Dress – Forever 21

Kaleidoscope Dress and Coral Coat

Kaleidoscope Dress - Pink and Purple

This outfit went straight from work to evening drinks. Since it is finally nice my co-worker and I ventured to Kensington Market, which is one of the cooler, hippie areas in Toronto. Like the market, this outfit is colour overload and may be too crazy for most offices. But whatever, it is spring and I believe there is never too much colour.

The formfitting dress underneath is like a kaleidoscope of flowers which I got ages ago at Forever 21. It’s so different and was affordable, but I haven’t worn it nearly as much given the crazy pattern. The coral coat is one of my favourite go-to pieces. I reach for it whenever I want to make a statement and I’m not sure what to wear. The boots are black velvet and work for fall as well – and they are comfy even though they may not look it. The only piece of jewelry I’m wearing are turquoise feather and chain earrings I made. Since the dress is so busy, you don’t need much of anything else.

Turquoise Feather Earrings - Etsy

The purpose of the after work adventure with my fashion friend was to find a patio and a good graffiti wall – luckily we didn’t have to search for long!

Coat: Zara
Dress: Forever 21 (from years ago)
Boots: Indigo Rd (from The Bay)
Feather Earrings: made by me

white skirt outfit

Coral Tassel Earring Outfit

Neutral Outfit - white Zara Coat

White coat with bell sleeves

This outfit came together to match my new tassel earrings. I found these coral and gold beads I fell in love with; then saw matching tassels in the fabric store on the same day. I knew they were meant to be fabulous earrings. I finally got around to making my vision and just needed to wear them immediately.

Coral Tassel Earrings

Coral Tassel Earrings

I was spontaneously going out for tacos because it was Cinqo de Mayo (stereotypical and cliche I know) so thankfully I could wear the earrings! My outfit was way dressier than everyone in the restaurant but the tassels were happy.

I chose this sheer shirt because it has a tiny bit of coral in it, like I said this whole outfit exists because of these earrings. The skirt is gauzy and has some shimmer, someone commented that it was like Cinderella. Generally I would wear this shirt with a tight pencil skirt since it is loose. But everything I had was black and black seemed so drab for a sunny day. So I went for the opposite of my usual and created a neutral outfit.  Usually I go for colour overload, but the shirt and earrings are fun enough. The cream skirt has some shimmer in it and the coat reminds me of what a politician would wear. I paired the look with nude pumps to give the look more softness.

Neutral Outfit

Earrings: Made by me
Shirt: Shein (I wore a black cami under it)
Shirt: Zumel & Co
Shoes: This Is Spring

AGO afternoon tea

AGO Afternoon Tea

Kusama Narcissus Garden

I bought an Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) membership in the hopes of getting into the Kusama infinity mirrors exhibit, which didn’t grant my wish. However, while going through the benefits I discovered they do afternoon tea. A proper tea at an art gallery; well that just sounds like the best and classiest thing ever!

For my outfit I wore these orange/red cropped lace pants. They were such a good sale item. They are a statement piece, the colour is bold – but wait you haven’t heard the best part – they have an elastic waist! Which means you can actually eat your afternoon tea. A plain white shirt with scalloped sleeves and my Egyptian inspired necklace completed the look. I also wore a Kate Spade bracelet which I got from a BUNZ trade and a blue stretchy bracelet I made. Since the pants are a show piece you don’t need much else.

AGO afternoon tea

Handmade Necklace Red, Yellow, Orange - Etsy

The traffic to get there was insane for some reason, it took double it should have to get there. I was so stressed in the car! But we were still able to enjoy the tea being 30 minutes late. I thought it was supposed to be Kusama-inspired but it didn’t seem to be. When I go for tea I always judge how pretty the teacups are and these passed my test. They served mini avocado toast and a chicken katsu bite which were yummy and different than a typical tea menu. There was also an infused (with matcha I think) hard boiled egg as well. And of course scones and clotted cream!

Kusama Narcissus Garden

After we walked around really quickly and saw a couple paintings and the one free Kusama exhibit . I think that is the most I’ll get to see of the mirror exhibit sadly.

Shirt: Shein
Pants: J.Crew
Necklace: made by me
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Purse: purchased in Hong King but I think it is Italian
Blazer: Club Monaco (from ages ago)
Pocket Square: Tommy Hilfigher

My Little Pony T-shirt

My Little Pony T-Shirt

My Little Pony T-shirt

Yes, I am an adult. I pay my bills, have a full-time job and am trying to further my education. Yet still, when I see a sparkly My Little Pony shirt I am compelled to buy it. Especially if it is pink, black and has sparkles on it; one of my favourite combinations!

This shirt is from a local Toronto designer, so supporting a store that reminds me of how Queen Street West was in my youth (less big box stores and more independent designers) makes me feel good. Shopping is supposed to make you feel good, right?

My Little Pony T-shirt - Hayley Elsasser

Silver Bullet Earrings

This is probably one of my most casual looks ever. The shirt is boyfriend style and is unisex and looser than I usually wear, I must admit I’d like it better if the sleeves were shorter, but I still love it. I never realized how comfortable a t-shirt could be! Heck, maybe I’ll change my style – retire all the pencil skirts and blazers!

I paired it with grey jeans to bring out the silver sparkle of the pony, and studded rocker boots with a slight heel. I added pink extensions to the hair (they are hard to see in the picture) to add some more colour to pick up the pink outline of the pony. The only jewelry I’m wearing are silver bullet earrings I made. They are created from bullets I actually shot!

This was definitely a fun outfit that brought out the kid in me.

My Little Pony T-shirt - Hayley Elsasser

Shirt: Hayley Elsaesser
Jeans: Guess
Boots: Sam Edelman
Bullet earrings: made by me

Afternoon Tea Outfit, White Coat

Shangri-La Toronto Afternoon Tea Outfit

Shangri-La Toronto Afternoon Tea

Flower Fishnets

Finally I get to have a reunion with my former work wifey! We’ve been trying to do a proper tea for ages. Afternoon tea is about my favourite thing to do and I’m slowly visiting every possible place around the city. Now, I can cross the Shangri-La off my list.

This place isn’t a traditional tea room, meaning the decor is Asian fusion themed, not British. It is held in the hotel lobby, which sounds like a bad idea. But the lobby isn’t drab, it has windows to the ceiling all over it. The nicest part was a live pianist played the grand piano as you ate your scones. Since this place is modern and near the financial district, I thought I’d go for more of a corporate, classy look. A fascinator or feather hat would have been too odd here. Next teatime I’ll be sure to wear a crazy hat.

Afternoon Tea Shangri-La Toronto

My outfit was simple and monochromatic. A skin tight black dress that went just above the knee and was sleeveless. A little black dress is always a good idea and I feel amazing in this one. I paired it with a white jacket with big bell sleeves, it reminds me of what a politician or President’s wife would wear. The jacket is a statement piece and dresses the whole look up. To add interest to the outfit i wore fishnets with a line of flowers up the leg. I’ve been into being comfortable lately and it was Sunday afternoon so I opted for boots not heels.

The tea was pricey, but the service was exceptional and the teapots were pretty. Everything was in theme from the server’s dresses, receipt envelope to the teapots! I love some thoughtful coordination.

Flower Fishnets

Dress: Mendocino M
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Floral Dress long sleeves

Long Sleeved Floral Dress – Zara

Call for Champagne

Just when I think it is spring it starts to snow again! I wore this dress for one of my sister day activities when it was finally nice out (although the pleasant weather was temporary). I bought this dress from Zara during Boxing Day sales and it was around $17! With tax – can you believe that?! I love that it is a pastel floral print and it reminds me of spring. Maybe if I dress in floral flowers will bloom. The long sleeves made it more comfortable for me since it is quite form fitting so it is sexy without having too much skin.

Every few weeks my sister and I try to schedule a fun activity for us to do. We bought a Groupon for a glass of prosecco and blow dry and style at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. I’ve always wanted to try this place because it looks really pretty and pink- it has been all over Instagram. However, I don’t really do my nails and I thought this was the salon’s main purpose. So when I saw the deal I thought it would be a fun day. Now that I have extensions I can have mermaid beach waves so this was the perfect activity. We were able to sip prosecco while being pampered. I would definitely come back here just for a drink without the service as well. The staff was great and we got some fun pictures. I was channeling Lady Gaga from the Telephone video all through these photos. I must admit I wore the pink and gray floral to match the decor.

Call for champagne

Look at my sister looking at me adoringly 🙂

Me channeling Lady Gaga in the Telephone Video


We started our day off with great hair and headed out for brunch. We ate at the Colette, but it was way too busy to take any pictures at. Sadly, there will be no pictures from that pretty space.

I paired the dress with a white jacket which has great bell sleeves on it. This makes the dress more professional especially since it is pretty tight and may be too risque in the office. With the jacket I could also wear it to work. The boots have a small heel and are easy to walk in which was perfect because we were exploring downtown.

Her Majesty's Pleasure sister date

Floral Dress for work

Floral dress: Zara
White coat: Zara
Boots: Sam Edelman

Floral Suit at AGO First Thursdays

Navy Floral Pant Suit

Art Gallery Outfit

If you know me you know I love a good power suit and floral. Often suits can be bland; but this suit definitely isn’t boring. Sometimes it is hard to bring floral print into cold weather; but this dark pattern totally works for the winter. If you remember I also have  a spring Floral Suit look which is similar to this suit but brighter. The difference between the two looks is also the fabric, this winter suit has thicker fabric than the more airy spring version. The darker colours of this pattern make it more formal and winter appropriate although it is still funky and has loads going on.

I wore this outfit to First Thursdays at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I went straight from office to night without changing a thing……wait stop, I lied, that isn’t completely true, I did put false eyelashes on for the night. Having an outfit that would work for both venues that I felt awesome in made life so much easier.

This was my first time visiting the AGO First Thursdays party; they open the gallery up for drinking and dancing. I was there early and had much of the gallery to myself which was lovely. Most people went straight to the bar, but I had time to kill while waiting for my friend so I enjoyed the solitude to really absorb the gallery. Many of the rooms you can’t bring alcohol into, for obvious reasons, but there is still enough room to enjoy the art and party. There was one exhibit by Yayoi Kusama open to the public, sadly since tickets are sold out this may be the only exhibit of hers I see 😦

Navy Floral Suit H&M

Navy Floral Pant Suit for the winter

This whole suit was from H&M, it also had a shirt in the same pattern but I couldn’t find my size. I wish I also had the shirt I would love to rock full floral! The pants are form fitting and cropped a bit so just a touch of ankle is showing. This makes the suit younger and more casual. The jacket is double breasted and quite loose so it is comfortable even though it is still suiting. I wore a cream blouse to make the look less dark and it brings out some of the lighter colours in the floral pattern. I wish I would have had the will to have worn black stilettos, they would have looked even more boss. But knowing I’d be on my feet for 12+ hours I went for comfort and wore studded ankle boots with a modest heel.

Gallery Outfit - Floral Pant Suit

Suit: H&M
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Sam Edelman