Valentine's Day Outfit

White and Black Heart Skirt – Valentine’s Day Outfit

White and Black Heart Skirt

This skirt was my perfect Valentine’s Day piece! It is airy and demure while it screams LOVE at you. This year I was excited to celebrate the holiday with all my loves; the days of hating this holiday are gone! However, the skirt has black hearts on it so if I change my mind I think I could adapt the skirt for an anti-Valentine’s look as well.¬† ūüôā

I generally don’t deck myself out in one brand exclusively when I dress, but this entire outfit (accessories excluded) is from J.Crew. I love J.Crew, but I only ever purchase from them when they have sales. Their sales are usually worth it when you can get an additional 50% off the sale price –¬†I was glad I could score this matching outfit for a deal. I¬†am very into pouffy statement skirts and I thought this one was so pretty and dainty. The shirt’s ruffle is a similar material to the skirt so it matches perfectly.

JCrew Black Heart Skirt

Ruffle off the shoulder top

I wore this outfit for both of my Valentine’s outings. On the 14th I went out with my girlfriends (my partner was working). The following weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated by having a romantic dinner at the Old Mill. I adore looking at the antique or antique-like furniture there; it’s so pretty.

Also you may notice I got a new look…I got extensions! I feel so glamorous in them!

Old Mill Toronto

Shirt and Skirt: J. Crew
Heels: Steve Madden

Maxi Skirt Resort Outfit

What I Wore on my Punta Cana Vacation (Majestic Mirage Resort)

In October I went on a romantic vacation to the Domenican Republic, Punta Cana, with my love. We were there for five days and we were so worried to go. Our trip occurred right after Hurricane Maria and a bunch of other storms hit. We made many phone calls and all assured us it was fine to travel, but still I didn’t trust it! Luckily I was stressed for nothing and the trip was beyond my expectations.

We stayed at the Majestic Mirage, Punta Cana, in the adults-only section. The place was a paradise. We even had our own private butler, Reynaldo, who would get more pink champagne upon request! The food was high quality – way better than the Cuban and Mexican all-inclusives I’d stayed at before. The resort was also empty – it was a ghost town likely due to fear from the weather. I felt for the staff, they seemed anxious to have something to do. However, the emptiness made the experience more enjoyable for me¬†– no issue finding a spot on the beach, no lines – the privacy was great!

During the trip there were many outfits to be had – I’m so glad I was able to wear some long neglected pieces that aren’t all that practical to wear in Toronto.

Maxi Skirt – Look 1

Punta Cana Majestic Mirage

Fruity Drinks

This was my lady of luxury lounging outfit. The skirt was actually a hand-me-down and it is so comfortable and perfect for this kind of trip. The top is quite skimpy and wouldn’t do well in an active situation, it is from TSOQ (a Toronto store). It has some interesting lace lines at the front and the back is bare. A fancy dangling glittery belly ring gave the outfit some sparkle. I paired the skirt with gladiator sandals from Sam Edalman and a black sunhat from H & M. I wore these cheap, big, curvy glasses that remind me of a movie star trying to shield their face.

Maxi Skirt – Look 2

Black Sun hat outfit

Punta Cana

Saona Island

This outfit was for an excursion where we went to a park, river cruise, and snorkeling to see tropical fish and a private island. For this look I paired it with a more covered, simple black spaghetti strap as the day was more active. It is also a better choice for being in public if you don’t know how modest people are. I wore cheap Old Navy flip flops as they are better for the beach. The sunglasses are Ray-Ban and are prescription so I could actually see the sights. The same floppy hat was worn for both looks.

I was so excited for this excursion, the island pictures looked idyllic and I have never snorkeled in a tropical place – I desperately wanted to see colourful fish. However, I did not realize I was prone to seasickness.¬† I was so seasick on the catamaran I thought I was going to die – I won’t get into all the gritty details. But, by the time I got to shore I felt like I was escaping hell. Thus I sadly could not enjoy the snorkeling. I think ‘T’ thought I was going to drown and I apparently missed seeing a ‘Finding Nemo’ Fish – so heartbreaking. I didn’t post the after seasickness pictures as you can definitely see the joy fade from my face.

Orange Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Orange Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

I bought this dress on sale at BCBG Maxazria years ago and I had never worn it. It’s such a waste to have things with the pricetag on them – at least it allows you to shop your closet. I loved the dress and it was a great deal; but I just never had anywhere to wear it. Finally, I had a place with the right climate to rock this dress! I paired the dress with silver flat sandals, a string of pearls I made and super glittery earrings.

Punta Cana Safari Outfit

Punta Cana Safari Outfit

This was my favourite outfit of the trip, likely just because of the colourful backgrounds I found. I take any excuse to wear heart-shaped glasses. See the full outfit post here.

Blue Floral Suit

Zara Blue Floral Suit

Heart Towel Swans

I absolutely adore this suit – see a full post about it I did in the spring – Zara Floral Suit. It is very light, loose and comfortable. It was my plane travelling outfit to and from the resort. Usually I wear leggings when flying, but this ride wasn’t very long and I wanted to jump right into exploring without needing to change. Generally I feel so frumpy on planes, but this outfit was an alternate that solved my problem.

Black and White Pant Romper

Majestic Mirage, Punta Cana

This one-piece pant romper has pockets! Doesn’t that just make everything better?! It is loose and very light – perfect for dinner and a pina colada. The romper was on sale from Guess a few years ago.

Follow me too Punta Cana

I want to go back! And I couldn’t resist this cheesy photo!

Punta Cana Safari Outfit, Rainbow Wall

Punta Cana Safari Outfit

Punta Cana Safari Outfit

Now that it is freezing and there are spontaneous snowstorms, I am recalling my trip to the Domenican Republic I took a couple months ago fondly. It was so beautiful and it was definitely my best all-inclusive trip to date. I am looking at videos of the beach and missing the sun!

Whenever I do an all-inclusive going on excursions is a definite must. Staying in the hotel and laying on a beach for days is boring – I need to learn and do something. During our stay in the Dominican Republic we went on the Outback Safari Adventure Tour from Punta Cana. It’s an odd title since you aren’t really seeing animals (except a few that looked sad at a zoo) but visiting coffee and coconut farms and seeing how the locals make a living. But it was a great excursion and I felt like I had a better understanding of the country from it by seeing multiple places off the resort.

From the brochure I knew we were going to see some colourful houses and walls so I was excited and inspired. I admit it, I partly chose the excursion based on the rainbow wall!¬† I often have difficulty finding a casual outfit – I just don’t do casual because I’m so used to dressing up for the office. But given we were visiting farms and going swimming; casual was needed.

The outfit was a dress from Lulus that I wore as a shirt. It is pretty skimpy but I love the lace at the front, it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. It was incredibly HOT out so being half-naked was a good thing. I paired it with basic jean shorts and gladiator sandals. Of course I also needed a sun hat and shades for my porcelain exterior. I added a red ribbon to the hat to match the heart-shaped glasses and red lipstick. Sadly I lost the glasses to the ocean and need to get a new pair.

Coacoa beans

Coffee Factory Punta Cana

First we drove around in a windowless bus and the guide taught us about the country and it‚Äôs independence. I had to duck for cover a few times as branches flew into the side window. I would not recommend this tour for children given this hazard! One of the most fun parts of the tour was visiting an organic coffee and cacao farm. They showed us how they made everything by hand and gave samples. The hot chocolate was amazing, I have dreams about it! It had the secret ingredients of brown sugar and cinnamon. I have tried and failed to recreate this recipe accurately at home. They also showed us their home and it was so colourful and happy. It screamed photo shoot (of course I asked permission). After visiting this scenery I had a huge urge to paint my walls technicolour. They also had a parrot who constantly said “Hola”

Later we visited a zoo, witnessed hand rolled cigars and alcohol tasting. After lunch we visited a coconut farm and off to the beach to boogie board. The ocean was so freeing! I had the best time trying to catch a wave all by myself as ‘T’ took pictures of me whipping out.¬† Besides losing my glasses the tour was a great learning experience and a way to get a taste of local culture.

Dress: Lulu’s
Shorts: Jacob
Hat: H & M (I added my own red ribbon)
Studded purse: Jacob
Gladiator Sandals: Sam Edalman

Christmas Unicorn Dress

Unicorn Ugly Xmas Dress

My birthday party theme this year was “Christmas Unicorn”. For the party everyone was to dress in theme: an ugly Xmas sweater, sparkles, rainbow…whatever Christmas Unicorn means to you! I’m working on a full blog post of the party decor – so look out for that!

Christmas Unicorn Dress and balloon

Yay Unicorn Balloon!

I’m not generally an ugly sweater type of gal – I don’t think I own ugly things lol. But this dress isn’t ugly. When I saw it I knew it was PERFECT for the theme. It was in a Christmas sweater motif and had subtle unicorns on it. It is Christmas and unicorn all in one while still being cute! It is also loose and comfortable – which is essential if you intend on eating cake and drinking all night.

Unicorn Christmas Dress

I wore Christmas socks to continue with the Christmas theme and to add even more unicorn, I sported a unicorn cameo ring I made ages ago. In addition to the ring I wore long silver chain earrings with the dress Рso the accessories were kept to a minimal. I added super red lips and sparkle eyeliner to bring more magic to the look.


Unicorn Birthday Party

Ardene Christmas Unicorn Dress

What do you all think of ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters, cute or not?

Dress: Ardene
Christmas Socks: not sure where they are from
Lipstick: custom made Bite lipstick

Corn Maze Outfit

Pumpkin Patch and a Corn Maze OOTD

Pumpkin Patch Outfit

White Maple Leaf

I am very glad I was able to capture these fall pictures. A corn maze and a pumpkin patch are classic Halloween/fall activities. It’s hard to believe these were taken under a month ago. Sadly since it has already started snowing here; I fear we have bypassed fall and moved straight to winter. The wind is so cold it is painful! I feel like this excursion was the only¬†real happy fall day I had.

We needed to go see T’s parents in London, ON to handle an errand. I said I would only make the drive if we could do something fun afterwards lol. In my mind fun would be afternoon tea or a pumpkin patch and corn maze! It is really a fall tradition.

Before making our way back to the big city I Googled farm options on our route home. Brantwood Farms seemed like the best bet as it had the most activities. I must admit last year was the first time I ever visited a pumpkin patch. Before I’d ever been to a one I envisioned walking through a field and picking the most perfect orange pumpkin from the vines. So I was disappointed in learning a pumpkin patch is just a bunch of pumpkins laying on the lawn. It does make sense, the farmers can’t risk their crops! But I was still saddened…oh well it was still festive and made a good photo experience.

Pumpkin Patch

Gold Necklace Etsy

We visited Brantwood because they had a corn maze and other haunted activities. Generally most were too kid friendly for my liking. But I enjoyed the corn maze, I believe we took longer to get out of it than the children. They also had some odd Disney and cartoon character cut outs and scarecrows throughout the maze. I suppose it was to make the little ones excited and more comfortable; but i found this frozen princess creepy! What do you think?

For the outfit I wore these burgundy and gold tights I scored from Top Shop ages ago with jean shorts. I just love these tights but it is hard to find the right outfit to show them off without just wearing black. I paired them with a white shirt and military inspired jacket. The jacket is a nicer sweatshirt material and I am channeling Sargent Pepper in it. This fall day was unusually hot – I even had to take my jacket off. I didn’t think out the shoes; they weren’t¬† sensible for a corn maze. Red lips and a gold necklace were my accessories.

Pumpkin Patch

Tights: Top Shop
Shirt and Shorts: Jacob (now closed)
Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Necklace: Made by me
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim


Anniversary Balloon

Red and White Floral Skirt – Afternoon Tea Outfit

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Roses Skirt

Afternoon Tea

If you know me, you know afternoon tea and getting to wear a fascinator makes me extremely happy.¬†¬†For our three year anniversary T and I went for afternoon tea at The Ritz. He’d never been for a real¬†afternoon tea¬†before and insisted on putting Devonshire cream on absolutely every bite sized item. Hey, why not?

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Red and White

White Swan Fascinator

Although the tea set-up was modern, my outfit fit more of the classic afternoon tea vibe. I went for a red and white flowered skirt and a black blouse; both are loose enough that I can eat. I paired the outfit with red satin Charlotte Olympia shoes (which were a splurge despite being on sale) which brought all the reds of the skirt and makeup together. The heels are also low and easy to walk in. The simple white fascinator was from a never used white swan outfit, DIY your own here. The jewelry is from anniversaries and holidays’ past.

Sloane Tea

Although I’m more of a vintage three tiered china tray type of gal, the food was great and allergy friendly.¬† The modern metal shelves the food came on were actually really different and interesting to look at. It was surprisingly an amazing value, I thought the experience would be more expensive given it was The Ritz. The standard package came with a glass of Prosecco (my favourite) and many bite size sweet and savory items – we were stuffed afterwards and needed to walk the food off.¬†

Anniversary Couple

Red Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Shirt: Jacob (now closed)
Skirt: TSOQ
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Fascinator: DIY your own!

Orange Coat Outfit - Zara

Orange Coat and Black Hat

My boyfriend hates this hat and I do NOT care! 

Orange Coat Outfit - Zara

Orange Coat Outfit Zara

I wore this outfit to work and I had two strangers on the street randomly say how stylish I looked. The compliments made my day!  

Orange Coat Zara

The orange coat is one of my favourite statement pieces from Zara. Whenever I wear it I feel amazing and totally confident. The outfit is pretty dark, but the vibrancy of the coat makes up for this. I wore a stretchy pencil skirt and a top with black lace and a grey peplum under it.¬†¬†The gladiator sandals bring out the grey in the top. Of course the hat is what makes this outfit completely “extra” I vow the start buying bigger and bigger hats!

Black Hat and red lips

Orange Coat and Black Hat

An extra bonus is by fluke my pedicure matches the coat! The only accessory I’m wearing is one of my go-to creations¬†

Black Hat Outfit

Orange Coat: Zara
Peplum Shirt:
Hat: Express
Skirt: Jacob
Sandals: Sam Edelman


Grey Shorts Brunch Outfit

Grey Shorts Brunch Outfit


Brunch is really the best meal. This outfit paired  many old pieces from my closet. It is proof that what you have in your closet already is probably awesome. The shorts I bought at The Clothing Show many years ago Рif I remember correctly they were only $10 because they were a sample the designer made for a fashion show. Definitely one of my luckiest purchases.  The blazer is from Club Monaco and almost 10 years old. I paired it with a basic white tank top. 

Grey Shorts and a white tank

By Lake ON

The outfit would have looked better with heels, but that would have limited the walking and exploring by the lake; so I opted for gladiator sandals which had a hint of silver. 

Caterpillar turned butterfly

This wall says “Just when the caterpillar thought it was over it turned into a butterfly” it took so long to read this phrase and once I figured it out I thought it was so beautiful.¬†

Blazer: Club Monaco
Tank top: Forever 21
Shorts: I think they are by jordanderuiter
Sandals: Sam Edelman

The June Motel

Wine Tour Outfit¬†– Prince Edward County

Good Wine Pillow

For my sister’s birthday and for our monthly sister day we decided to visit Prince Edward County. We found this adorable girly hotel, The June Motel, I’ve seen all over Instagram and blogs lately. In reality if the hotel has pink doors I will probably stay there.

Wine Tour Outfit

We made it to Picton with a half an hour to spare so we took photos in the wonderfully decorated lobby.  Whoever put it together has a great eye. The room was also true to the theme, which my DIY self appreciated 

The June Motel

I’ve never been on a wine tour before but I can safely say it is my new favourite thing. They took us to five wineries and as a bonus we were in a limo! The standout ones were Sandbanks, it was the most fun and generous. And Chadsey’s was picturesque and I wished I could have hung out there longer. The owner looked like Clint Eastwood and the grounds had an old barn and schoolhouse on them.¬†

Girl Sitting on Hay

Old School House

Old School Desk

Chadsey's Winery Barn

Luckily it was warm this day so I choose this turquoise romper. This piece is great because it looks like you tried but you really didn’t because it is only one piece. I paired it with gladiator sandals as this isn’t an adventure for heels. I wore minimal jewelry, a tiny cross and one of my bullet necklaces and some glittery bracelets completed the outfit.

Wine Tour Outfit


Romper: Marciano
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Jewelry: Bracelets and bullet necklace made by me

This Calls For Wine

Road Trip Outfit

Road Trip Outfit

Giant Muskoka Chair

Feather Earrings

Sadly cottage season is coming to an end. But at least I was lucky enough to get out of the city once for the summer. My sister and I journeyed to our cousins’ cottage south of North Bay. If you get no traffic and speed you can get there in just over three hours, but this of course wasn’t the case for us.

For the loooonng car ride I chose a comfy loose dress that I recently got from someone’s closet clean. It is maternity style and you can definitely eat in it. I paired it with cheap flip flops; today comfort was paramount. The only accessory was a pair of feather earrings I made.¬†

Sisters in a Muskoka Chair

Road Trip Outfit

Sitting on a wagon

Stopping at Webers for a burger has always been the tradition and luckily at¬†11:00 a.m.¬†there wasn’t a line to get a burger and fries. They have really improved the grounds and washrooms there since I was a child. Eating in the train cafeteria and photo opportunities on the giant Muskolka chair made the place even better.

Rainbow Muskoka Chairs

Giant Muskoka Chair

This long journey was totally worth it to arrive here in nature 

Cottage hiking

Dress: Lulu’s (but was a hand me down)
Flip flops: Old Navy
Earrings: Made by me