Toronto Tunnel of glam outfit

Toronto Tunnel of Glam Outfit – Shiny Leggings

I have seen the “Tunnel of Glam” all over Instagram lately. It is an art exhibit and man-made tunnel that has sequin walls. But they just aren’t any sequins, they are the sequins that are two sided and change colours when you move them. I will admit that I find these sequins so satisfying to move. Whenever I see a shirt or notebook covered in them I am compelled to touch them. So this tunnel was sensory overload.

Happy New Year 2019 in Sequins
Sequin Wall changing colours

I went on my lunch break as the tunnel (which is at Yonge and St. Clair beside The Shoppers) is only a short subway ride. Surprisingly at noon on December 31st the tunnel was still packed. Don’t let the pictures fool you I didn’t have tranquility in the tunnel – so many children. Luckily I got to visit the tunnel on the last day it was open. I didn’t even realize it was closing – great timing! The description said it encourages patrons to draw and participate in the walls. As you can see there are some drawings, hearts, names, and words on the walls. I can’t take credit for any art on the wall, they were surprisingly hard to draw on.

Red hat with pompom outfit - winter layers

For the photos I planned to wear my new red hat I got for Christmas, but I couldn’t find my black winter coat. So I put on loads of layers (blazer, sweater, leather gloves etc.) to make the white coat work. The coat is fairly thin and isn’t a winter coat, see how I styled it here. Luckily it was quite mild (3 degrees) when we visited. Since we were seeing a sequin wall I needed some sparkle, so wore these shiny black and silver leggings. They are comfy and glamorous, you wouldn’t believe how stretchy they are!

Shiny Leggings Outfit

  • Leggings: TSOQ
  • Studded boots: Sam Edelman
  • White coat: Zara
  • Black leather gloves: Danier
  • Blanket scarf: I don’t know where it is from
  • Hat: was a gift
  • Underneath you can’t see I’m wearing three layers to keep warm!

The Happy Place Toronto Outfit

Is The Happy Place worth going to?

If you live and Toronto and have social media, it is fair to say you’ve heard of The Happy Place. Photos of a ball pit, confetti room and giant chocolate chip cookie have likely crossed your feed. Besides all the fun photo opportunities, how could I not visit a place called “The Happy Place”. I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon and go to this pop-up. So I visited in mid-December for my birthday with a few of my besties.

If I ever go to a place like “The Happy Place” again I will seriously pay a professional photographer to just follow me around. I’m not even joking! The whole point of this place is to take interesting and ‘Instagram-worthy’ pictures in front of a cool background. I almost felt self-conscious with my smartphone as the majority of visitors had professional cameras. To get in there are timed tickets and it cost almost $40. I thought we’d be through it quickly, but with lines and our slow picture taking we were in the space for around two hours.

Gumball Machine Wall
Giant Yellow Happy Sign - happy place

You walk through doors to a room with a gumball machine wall, giant shoe and a booth with yellow and white smiley face M&Ms. Of course the allergy signs said they weren’t nut-free 🙁 That did not make me happy. Then you enter the next room through a gold streamer curtain – many boomerang opportunities. The prettiest room had the worst light and and the pictures didn’t turn out very well. It was dark with a fake yellow flower garden with garlands suspended from the ceiling and you climbed a ladder into the flowerbed. It was very pretty, but the pictures came out dark.


  • Pink Sweater: Banana Republic
  • Floral Skirt: Pearls & Pockets (boutique on Queen Street West)
  • Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman
Happy Place Mirror Wall
Pink Flamingo wallpaper

Boomerangs, Confetti and Giant Cookies

As you walk through there are several other rooms, the place is divided like a film set with many fake rooms with different feelings to evoke. There was a room of plastic chains from the ceiling, the rubber ducky bathtub room, a love themed room and a confetti room, with some very dirty confetti on the floor you would throw in the air to take a picture. I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was going to be a room with swirling confetti. The last room was the giant cookie room which smelled like cookies, it actually sort of made me nauseous. Then at the end they gave you mini chocolate chip cookies, which I of course couldn’t eat due to my nut allergy.

Throwing confetti at The Happy Place
Three girls in a cookie

Don’t get me wrong, the experience was fun. But I thought it would be more interactive, like an adult playground. But the rooms were static and just for taking pictures. I expected it to be more of an experience, like Candytopia I visited in New York City. However, there was a ball pit you’d jump into at the very end, which was fun but hurt a bit lol. There was also a dome which you hit a button to make confetti blow, but it didn’t swirl very much like I thought it would in my imagination. But given it was still a fun two hours downtown, I would say it is worth going to. But know you’re going to take photos and goof around – so put on your cutest outfit!

Happy Place Confetti Room
Happy Place ball pit Toronto

New York Fall Outfits

I finally visited New York City! My short trip was just a taste of this exciting city and I am now itching to go back and explore more.  The weather was strange – one day it felt like summer, the next was windy and I was sure winter was coming. Below are the outfits I wore for my October visit and I still managed to wear floral in the fall!

Floral Track Suit

Love Fire Floral Track Suit

Track suits are usually not my thing, but I found this gem at Nordstorm Rack and I bought it immediately. I have never  felt so comfortable and stylish in an outfit – it was perfect for the plane ride. I paired it with a white tank top and I actually wore basic white tennis shoes – I never wear running shoes! For accessories I wore coral tassel earrings I made (available on Etsy) which bring out the flower pattern. I was shocked at how warm it was in the middle of October; I had to carry my fall coat.

Tracksuit: Love Fire (from Nordstrom Rack)
Purse: Ted Baker

Pink Pant Jumpsuit

Pink Pantsuit in New York

Candytopia heart wall

Candytopia New York Outfit

For our evening at Candytopia (an interactive candy and art experience) walking around the city and dinner I wore a bright pink pant jumpsuit. Given Candytopia, was colour-overload, I needed to match the decor. I rolled up the pant legs to show off the studded boots to give the outfit some edge. For jewelry I wore neon earrings and bracelets I made. I never get sick of wearing this jumpsuit, see how I wore it while in Jamaica.

Pantsuit: Banana Repulic
Boots: Sam Edelman

Floral Blazer and Leggings

Looking over balcony at the MET, NY

Floral Blazer and leggings

Day two was the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) so I knew there would be lots of walking again. The navy floral blazer I tend to wear to art galleries a lot, see how I wore it to the AGO in Toronto. I paired in with liquid black leggings, tennis shoes, and a basic cream top.

Floral Suit

Times Square at night

For the evening I headed off to see Times Square and have a drink. To dress the outfit up with minimal effort I changed to the matching suit pants and the same black boots.

Suit: H&M
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Leggings: America Apparel

Orange Pants and Leather Jacket

Statue of Liberty

Standing with the Fearless Girl at the NY stock exchange

I regretted this outfit as soon as I walked our the door, but I didn’t have enough time to run up to get my fall coat. The wind going to the Statue of Liberty was fierce and painful. The days before were unusually warm so I was expecting the same thing. This was a long day of waiting in lines and climbing steps (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, walking around Wall Street) and I was cold for most of it.

Pants: J.Crew
Leather jacket: Danier Leather
Scarf: The Bay
Embroidered top

I was exhausted from all my walking on the trip and was thankful I wore running shoes for the majority of the time. Exploring more of New York is on my list – hopefully in the summer.

Where do you suggest I visit in the city?



Queen Bodysuit Outfit

Orange and Neon Necklace Etsy

Cherry Blossoms Toronto

I’m not sure if I look super stylish in this outfit or like a lunatic. But, I do feel awesome in it. I saw this QUEEN bodysuit online and knew I needed to have it. The suit has snaps at the bottom and is cut very low on the sides with a razorback. Since it is pretty naked wearing a cardigan makes sense. But the neck is high so there is coverage there if I decide to go bare. Also the cotton is so soft! I was really surprised given how cheap it was!

I admit it, there is a lot going on in this outfit. There is the statement shirt, neon orange and gold necklace, leopard cardigan and red lace pants – not to mention the lilac that is washing out of my hair. But I think all the craziness goes. But it may be too out there for some people, what do you think?

I’ve been obsessed with these red lace pants lately- they are elastic and have pockets (everything is better with pockets).  I wear them far too much because they are comfy and professional. I thought the bodysuit was hilarious and I’m envisioning wearing it with a tutu (still looking for the tutu). As mentioned, the bodysuit is pretty bare at the sides and I wanted to cover up and thought “Hey, red and leopard go!”

Bright pink and red layered fall look

Queen Razorback shirt

It did get chilly this day so I layered my white bell sleeved coat and neon pink scarf. So it looks like two different outfits.

Queen bodysuit: Shein
Cardigan: Mexx (now closed)
Pants: J.Crew
Boots: The Bay
Necklace: made by me
White coat: Zara
Scarf: Suzy Shier

Roller Disco Outfit

I found this old photo (2016?) from a friend’s birthday party and realized I’d never posted it. Now that I look back at it I think it would make a good roller derby or roller disco Halloween outfit. It is an easy last minute costume!

Recalling the night – now that my circle and I are thirtiy-ish there is a mad dash to be a kid again. Trying things that we haven’t done before is essential and a birthday party at a club is a rarity now. So the choice for a girlfriend’s birthday was a Christian roller disco rink in Mississauga…any excuse for a good theme party.

When I got there around 8:00 p.m. there was a line of 12 year olds outside the door waiting to get in. Seeing that I was confused and fully regretted my risqué outfit. But at least the photos can give inspiration for a lazy and easy Halloween costume.

Roller Skates and Rainbow Knee highs

I went for a dark more gothic roller disco look. I paired the statement gold sequinned shorts with a black off the shoulder shirt, wide black fishnets and knee highs. The knee highs were thick in case I fell (it only happened once). I had never used old style skates like this before but it was a challenge My Bff pictured fell at least three times in an hour; but he made me proud by getting up every single time! Persistence!

Shirt: black off the shoulder (from a cheap store I don’t recall where)
Thick Black knee highs
Gold Sequin Shorts

Terre Bleu Sunflower Field

Terre Bleu Lavender and Sunflower Field Outfit

Lavender Field Outfit - White and cream outfit

I’ve been wanting to go to the lavender field since last summer- all the pictures look so pretty and magical. Finally after a spontaneous comment about wanting to see it; my friend and I made it on the holiday Monday in August. We arrived just after 11:00 a.m. and all the staff were so so nice and perky, so nice that I actually noticed they were nice. As summer jobs go I bet this is a fun one.

Purple ribbon on sunhat at a lavender field

I think chose the perfect outfit – pretty and comfortable. I thought the white and cream would stand out against the field; do you think it did? The outfit is actually a mid – length lace dress I got from a children’s store in Italy. The tutu skirt is pretty gauzy so a long top is necessary if I’m not wearing nylons. For me this is a very neutral outfit, but I added some purple in it to keep on theme. On the straw sunhat I added a purple ribbon to it for obvious reasons. The flash of purple tassel earrings were made by me. I also painted my nails lilac because I’m a nerd.

Yellow door at Terre Bleu

My girlfriend and I wore matching sun hats for the look and of course to protect our skin. We walked around the first field took too many photos and just listened to the bees – there were so many it vibrated. Of course, we made it to the iconic yellow door and I walked through to put my worries behind me. By this time it was at least 12:30 in the afternoon and we were starving. Being the planner I am I brought a small picnic of sandwiches, veggies and fruit. Then I was disappointed to learn the lavender ice cream wasn’t safe for my nut allergy. Not surprising, but still disappointing. But the farm’s lemonade was nice.

We bought the extra tickets to the sunflower field as well. Two bucket lists in one day! As we walked across the road and farm to the flower field we watched the sky nervously. It was definitely going to rain. We get to the field and there and there are a few raindrops and quickly take a few pictures. Then the rain starts to explode. We put our hats on for coverage and I just decided to accept the rain – it was actually freeing to get caught in the rain in a sunflower field. The scene felt like it was from a movie where the leading lady just learned something vital about herself that would shape her life. There was no way we could have avoided getting wet. After a few minutes it cleared and we enjoyed the flowers with a few more picture. When we walked back to the parking lot I knew it was going to erupt again, which it did as soon as we got to the car.

It's raining in a sunflower field

Shirt: actually a dress from children’s store in Italy – it had an ugly bow I cut off
Skirt: Zumel and Co
Hat: H & M with a ribbon added
Earrings: made by me
Gladiator sandals: really old and from Hong Kong, I had to toss them afterwards due to the rain

White Lace Boho Shirt

White Lace Boho Shirt (2 Ways)

When I saw this shirt I thought it was gorgeous and so delicate. It has this angelic white lace with dramatic bell sleeves – the sleeves make it! Although they are a bit over the top they are still short enough to not get in the way of things like eating or typing on the computer (fashion needs to be functional).  The details of the contrasting lace at the collar and where the sleeves connect make the shirt even more special.

Below are two ways I rocked this lace piece.

Boho Resort Outfit

Giant Chess Board - Jamaica

Boho Outfit - lace shirt and jean shorts

This was an outfit I wore walking around the resort and having pina colodas in Jamaica. I love how I feel like a hippie who is one with the earth in it.

The shorts have lace and are that ripped-up look. They are totally boho and are surprisingly comfortable- maybe because they are so naked. So together I feel like a free spirit running around the beach. The red pompom earrings are my newest creation and give a pop of colour to the outfit. The purse and hat are embellished DIYs by me.

Shirt: Siistar
Shorts: Free People (but on sale from an outlet)
Hat: H&M (embellished via a DIY)
Sandals: Sam Edelman

White Lace Shirt Brunch Outfit

White Lace Boho Shirt - Work appropriate

This look is more dressed up and ‘uptight’ I wore it to a girls brunch. I have also worn this look to the office – so it is less of a hippie outfit (although still pretty).  The tailored cropped pants and black and white splattered purse are more structured than the other look. The sandals were bought in Capri, Italy and have rhinestone butterflies on them.

Shirt: Siistar
Cropped Pants: Tommy Hilfigher
Purse: When I travelled to Hong Kong
Sandals: On a trip to Capri

Pink Jumpsuit in Jamaica

Hot Pink Banana Republic Belted Jumpsuit (2 Ways)

I wanted to get something new for my Jamaica trip. I felt like I had already worn all my resort appropriate clothes and wanted something fresh to make me feel amazing- so I searched for bright colours. When I saw this electric pink jumpsuit it screamed at me. I was worried it wouldn’t fit but luckily I scooped up the last one in my size! See below for the two slightly different ways I styled it.

Look 1 – Resort Outfit

Pink outfit and red necklace

DIY Straw Pom Pom Clutch

The secret with bold coloured jumpsuits is it looks like you put a lot of effort in but you didn’t since it is just one piece. The best thing is, it has pockets?! It may not look it but it is comfortable and fairly light.

I wore this outfit to our farewell to vacation dinner on our last night in Jamaica. I paired it with a statement gold and red necklace and stretchy neon bracelets. I love these silver flat sandals, I got them made when I was in Capri. This cute little old man had a shop where you could pick the sandal style, leather colour and size! I always feel fancy when I wear them.   Another great thing about this pant suit is I didn’t need to wear heels with the suit- the length is perfect for flats.

The purse is an embellished purse from Michael’s craft store (DIY coming soon). It is perfect for the climate and actually holds a lot.

Pink Banana Republic Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic
Necklace: made by me
Sandals: Got custom made on the spot in Capri
Bracelets: made by me

Look 2 – Funky work outfit

Pink Belted Jumpsuit

Turquoise Sandals - Sam Edelman

This looks is almost the same but a bit more funky. Instead of a chunky necklace I wore a long bullet necklace -it has a crystal inside an upcycled bullet. You can’t see the shoes in the full body picture because unfortunately my photographer cut them off! But they are turquoise sandals with gold details. The shiny Rayban glasses also make the look more street.

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic
Necklace: made by me
Glasses: Rayban
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Ted Baker Scalloped Dress

Ted Baker Scalloped Dress

I have always admired Ted Baker’s line. It is well made, beautiful and classic.  But I’ve held back purchasing because it is hard to justify spending a certain amount of money on clothes. However, I came into some fun money and thought the perfect thing to do with it was to get something I’ve wanted for awhile.  Since this this money was unplanned and this dress was on sale I convinced myself it was okay to buy. Now I may be addicted to his line.

Curtsy in a Scalloped Dress

The dress has pockets!

I wore this dress to a fancy celebration dinner for my four year anniversary. We went to Flor de Sal, a restaurant near Casa Loma which we stumbled upon a few Halloweens ago. When we went the first time we were definitely dressed inappropriately; now it is a place we go on special occasions.

What I love about this dress is the attention to details. Aside from the pretty grey and floral motif – the scalloped hem and sleeves give extra special details. There is also a copper exposed zipper on the back. And wait – it has pockets! The dress also has stretch and is big circle skirt you can actually eat in. The bright pink purse is also Ted Baker and I scored it at Nordstrom’s The Rack.  I saw it and it screamed me; luckily I’ve been a pro at spotting sales lately.

Short Wavy Hair

The heels have ankle straps that make them less typical. I also did my best to curl my hair for the occasion, but sadly it was almost flat when we got to the restaurant due to the wind.

Ted Baker Scalloped Dress

Ted Baker skater pink and grey scalloped dress

What is your splurge brand?

Dress: Ted Baker
Purse: Ted Baker
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Metallic Grey Leggings and a blue wall

American Apparel Metallic Grey Leggings

Blue Archway - Roncesvalles

Green Damask Wallpaper

Lately these shiny grey leggings have been my go-to for style and comfort. See more polished way I wore them here. They were the best Value Village score. I am determined to wear pants as little as possible! And I would’t exactly consider leggings pants …but these leggings are super easy and still fashionable.

Mint Green Teapot

Mint Green Teapot

This outfit is very simple, a loose black shirt and the statement leggings. The only accessory I added was the kitschy fun cameo necklace to give the outfit some flair. Red lips and dramatic eyelashes also glam the look up. I wore the outfit wandering around Roncesvalles on the weekend.

Grey Leggings Outfit

Blue Wall

You probably won’t notice, but I tried to put a purple wash in my hair and it didn’t take very well, you can see slight lavender in my hair directly in the light but just barely! The goal is to be blonder to have crazier hair!

Sipping Tea

Leggings: American Apparel (from Value Village)
Random old black shirt
DIY necklace made from old jewelry
Lipstick: Lime Crime (True Love)
Sandals: Sam Edelman