Hi! My name is Ashley (a.k.a. “Bright Shadows” on the internet). I live in Toronto, ON, love Queen St. West, tea parties and travelling to new places. 

Bright Shadows blog is a place to share DIY projects, allergy friendly recommendations and how to create the perfect afternoon tea outfit.


During university I had an incredibly dull office job. To battle the boredom I surfed the internet and became obsessed with crafting, jewelry design and DIY websites. I have always been creative, but this time sparked a new life in me. I began carving out my own style; a mixture of both the slightly gothic and the bright, colourful, and fun; hence the dichotomy of Bright Shadows. Soon I had created far too much jewelry for only me to wear; so Etsy and craft shows were the next step.

This blog features the other (generally non-jewelry) projects that I keep myself amused with. I also consider myself a crafty fashionista and  am  allergic to absolutely everything! When you are allergic to nuts, mushrooms, cod fish, and develop lactose intolerance as an adult…eating becomes a challenge. I’ll share allergy friendly gems I’ve found which make the Allergy Life suck less.

I aim to update the blog with a new adventure bi-weekly (generally every second Sunday). I’d be tickled pink if you wanted to connect or collaborate with me; I’m always searching for the newest trend or nut-free dessert. Please reach out!

Contact: brightshadowsjewelry@gmail.com

Always remember to look on the bright side!



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