DIY Candy Christmas Wreath Video Tutorial

DIY Candy Christmas Wreath (VIDEO)

Craft supplies - lollipop, cupcake, unicorn, donut

Aren’t these candy and cupcake supplies amazing! When I saw them I fell in love with them and had to find a project to use them. They are sparkly, cute and just plain fun! Unfortunately last year’s Christmas wreath was wrecked in a snowstorm. Thus I needed a new wreath to adorn my door. So this was the perfect excuse to make something non-traditional and glittery. And did I mention I sneaked a unicorn onto the wreath – it’s subtle, but she’s there. Really, why wouldn’t you put this classic unicorn on a Christmas wreath. 

I bought all the supplies at Michael’s and probably spent way too much on this DIY lol! Sometimes when you buy craft supplies it gets expensive and you think, “hey, maybe I should just buy it?” It probably would have cost the same amount to buy it – but I do it for the process. And the candy details were so pretty, I couldn’t resist a DIY. 

Follow the video or step-by-step below to make your own. 


Christmas Wreath supplies - cupcakes, unicorn, donut
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Sparkly silver branch wreath form
  • Polka dot ribbon (two types and sizes)
  • Cupcake, lollipop and donut elements
  • Sparkly sticks (for floral arrangements)
  • Unicorn
Sparkly Unicorn on wreath


  1. Glue ribbon #1 in a zigzag pattern across the wreath
  2. Glue ribbon #2 in a zigzag pattern in the opposite way on the wreath in the places the first ribbon didn’t touch.
  3. Separate your sparkly branch elements
  4. Glue branches sporadically across the wreath evenly
  5. The fun part! Glue all your candy elements throughout your wreath (unicorn included)
  6. Hang your wreath and admire it.

I’m so happy with how this wreath turned out, I smile at the whimsy and sparkle every time I leave the house. Also, adding the unicorn is the sprinkles on the cupcake!

Candy themed Christmas wreath

What do you think? Don’t you love the candy elements?

If you like this wreath, see last year’s DIY Christmas Ball Wreath.

Christmas Unicorn Birthday Party

Christmas Unicorn Birthday Party!

Ardene Christmas Unicorn Dress

Being a December baby can suck. It is cold, the snow makes it difficult to go out on the town and everyone is super busy and broke. With the weather, lines and restaurant availability it is sometimes a challenge to plan a celebration. For the last little while I’ve opted to have a get-together at home to make things easier. The advantage to this is the ability to have a theme party!

I’ve always wanted to have a unicorn themed birthday party (yes, I’m an adult). But with a Christmas tree up I felt that would ruin the theme. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are popular and I remember seeing a gawdy ugly Christmas sweater with Santa riding a unicorn and thought “that is it! Let’s combine them!” Thus this year was my “Christmas Unicorn Birthday Party!”

Toronto living is small, so I tried to bring subtle unicorn details to the space. The party incorporated several DIYs – which I’ll do blog posts for at a later time 🙂 See below for how I decorated for the party.

Some simple rules to create a unicorn party are:

  1. Incorporate unicorns (duh!) in the decor and food where you can.
  2. You don’t have to be obvious and make everything a unicorn. For example the rainbow sour belts and rainbow candy canes are on theme and aren’t in the unicorn shape.
  3. Use colour, rainbows and glitter.
  4. Choose one or two focal pieces to create the theme. For me this was the cake and balloons. After those obvious pieces the theme will be apparent.

Unicorn Christmas Tree

Unicorn Christmas Tree

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

First, the Unicorn Christmas tree! I’ve had this Charlie Brown looking pink tree for years. I usually decorate it in black and silver and make it my punk rock Christmas tree – but this year it transformed into my unicorn tree. I made the unicorn decorations – I adapted my version from several online tutorials. I love how they turned out – to my friends this is what you are all getting for a present this year!

Unicorn Dessert Table & Sparkle Prosecco

Unicorn Party Dessert Table

The pièce de résistance was the unicorn cake. I was so excited; I always wanted to have one! I gently encouraged my boyfriend to get me one (i.e. I gave him the bakery and all my specifications). The details on the mane were so colourful and pretty – it must have been so much work. It was also nut-free (which is essential) and dairy-free and tasted amazing! I got it from Cakes By Robert a nut-free bakery in Toronto.


Unicorn Cake Mane

I also made unicorn shaped sugar cookies. Geez…cookies are hard to ice and decorate – if you can’t tell, this is the first time I’ve tried this. I think I may try taking a class; realizing I may fail at this craft hurt my ego. I also added rainbow sour belts to the table and rainbow candy canes in a unicorn mug. The gold cakestand holds orange pomegranate bread with a Santa knife, I needed to add some Christmas to the table.

I also sprayed a prosecco bottle sparkle rainbow purple. Unicorns would of course only drink from a sparkly bottle. The bottle is simple to make and make an event special. But of course glitter will get everywhere.

Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Unicorn Balloons
When my sister came over with these balloons I nearly lost my mind. They are amazing and were beyond my expectations. The base of the balloons were a star – so freakin’ cute!

Unicorn Balloons

Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Dessert Table and Balloons

Outfit Theme
I told my guests “The theme is Christmas Unicorn. Wear whatever that means to you: an ugly Xmas sweater, sparkles, rainbow!” I found the most perfect ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater dress at Ardene’s that incorporated unicorns and I knew it was perfect as soon as I saw it.  See more outfit pictures on Unicorn Ugly Xmas Dress post.

Unicorn Christmas Dress

I ate cake for breakfast for days after this celebration!

Unicorn Dessert

Christmas Unicorn Dress

Unicorn Ugly Xmas Dress

My birthday party theme this year was “Christmas Unicorn”. For the party everyone was to dress in theme: an ugly Xmas sweater, sparkles, rainbow…whatever Christmas Unicorn means to you! I’m working on a full blog post of the party decor – so look out for that!

Christmas Unicorn Dress and balloon

Yay Unicorn Balloon!

I’m not generally an ugly sweater type of gal – I don’t think I own ugly things lol. But this dress isn’t ugly. When I saw it I knew it was PERFECT for the theme. It was in a Christmas sweater motif and had subtle unicorns on it. It is Christmas and unicorn all in one while still being cute! It is also loose and comfortable – which is essential if you intend on eating cake and drinking all night.

Unicorn Christmas Dress

I wore Christmas socks to continue with the Christmas theme and to add even more unicorn, I sported a unicorn cameo ring I made ages ago. In addition to the ring I wore long silver chain earrings with the dress – so the accessories were kept to a minimal. I added super red lips and sparkle eyeliner to bring more magic to the look.


Unicorn Birthday Party

Ardene Christmas Unicorn Dress

What do you all think of ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters, cute or not?

Dress: Ardene
Christmas Socks: not sure where they are from
Lipstick: custom made Bite lipstick