Toronto Tunnel of glam outfit

Toronto Tunnel of Glam Outfit – Shiny Leggings

I have seen the “Tunnel of Glam” all over Instagram lately. It is an art exhibit and man-made tunnel that has sequin walls. But they just aren’t any sequins, they are the sequins that are two sided and change colours when you move them. I will admit that I find these sequins so satisfying to move. Whenever I see a shirt or notebook covered in them I am compelled to touch them. So this tunnel was sensory overload.

Happy New Year 2019 in Sequins
Sequin Wall changing colours

I went on my lunch break as the tunnel (which is at Yonge and St. Clair beside The Shoppers) is only a short subway ride. Surprisingly at noon on December 31st the tunnel was still packed. Don’t let the pictures fool you I didn’t have tranquility in the tunnel – so many children. Luckily I got to visit the tunnel on the last day it was open. I didn’t even realize it was closing – great timing! The description said it encourages patrons to draw and participate in the walls. As you can see there are some drawings, hearts, names, and words on the walls. I can’t take credit for any art on the wall, they were surprisingly hard to draw on.

Red hat with pompom outfit - winter layers

For the photos I planned to wear my new red hat I got for Christmas, but I couldn’t find my black winter coat. So I put on loads of layers (blazer, sweater, leather gloves etc.) to make the white coat work. The coat is fairly thin and isn’t a winter coat, see how I styled it here. Luckily it was quite mild (3 degrees) when we visited. Since we were seeing a sequin wall I needed some sparkle, so wore these shiny black and silver leggings. They are comfy and glamorous, you wouldn’t believe how stretchy they are!

Shiny Leggings Outfit

  • Leggings: TSOQ
  • Studded boots: Sam Edelman
  • White coat: Zara
  • Black leather gloves: Danier
  • Blanket scarf: I don’t know where it is from
  • Hat: was a gift
  • Underneath you can’t see I’m wearing three layers to keep warm!
Metallic Grey Leggings and a blue wall

American Apparel Metallic Grey Leggings

Blue Archway - Roncesvalles

Green Damask Wallpaper

Lately these shiny grey leggings have been my go-to for style and comfort. See more polished way I wore them here. They were the best Value Village score. I am determined to wear pants as little as possible! And I would’t exactly consider leggings pants …but these leggings are super easy and still fashionable.

Mint Green Teapot

Mint Green Teapot

This outfit is very simple, a loose black shirt and the statement leggings. The only accessory I added was the kitschy fun cameo necklace to give the outfit some flair. Red lips and dramatic eyelashes also glam the look up. I wore the outfit wandering around Roncesvalles on the weekend.

Grey Leggings Outfit

Blue Wall

You probably won’t notice, but I tried to put a purple wash in my hair and it didn’t take very well, you can see slight lavender in my hair directly in the light but just barely! The goal is to be blonder to have crazier hair!

Sipping Tea

Leggings: American Apparel (from Value Village)
Random old black shirt
DIY necklace made from old jewelry
Lipstick: Lime Crime (True Love)
Sandals: Sam Edelman 

Anniversary Balloon

Red and White Floral Skirt – Afternoon Tea Outfit

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Roses Skirt

Afternoon Tea

If you know me, you know afternoon tea and getting to wear a fascinator makes me extremely happy.  For our three year anniversary T and I went for afternoon tea at The Ritz. He’d never been for a real afternoon tea before and insisted on putting Devonshire cream on absolutely every bite sized item. Hey, why not?

Afternoon Tea Outfit - Red and White

White Swan Fascinator

Although the tea set-up was modern, my outfit fit more of the classic afternoon tea vibe. I went for a red and white flowered skirt and a black blouse; both are loose enough that I can eat. I paired the outfit with red satin Charlotte Olympia shoes (which were a splurge despite being on sale) which brought all the reds of the skirt and makeup together. The heels are also low and easy to walk in. The simple white fascinator was from a never used white swan outfit, DIY your own here. The jewelry is from anniversaries and holidays’ past.

Sloane Tea

Although I’m more of a vintage three tiered china tray type of gal, the food was great and allergy friendly.  The modern metal shelves the food came on were actually really different and interesting to look at. It was surprisingly an amazing value, I thought the experience would be more expensive given it was The Ritz. The standard package came with a glass of Prosecco (my favourite) and many bite size sweet and savory items – we were stuffed afterwards and needed to walk the food off. 

Anniversary Couple

Red Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Shirt: Jacob (now closed)
Skirt: TSOQ
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Fascinator: DIY your own!

Orange Coat Outfit - Zara

Orange Coat and Black Hat

My boyfriend hates this hat and I do NOT care! 

Orange Coat Outfit - Zara

Orange Coat Outfit Zara

I wore this outfit to work and I had two strangers on the street randomly say how stylish I looked. The compliments made my day!  

Orange Coat Zara

The orange coat is one of my favourite statement pieces from Zara. Whenever I wear it I feel amazing and totally confident. The outfit is pretty dark, but the vibrancy of the coat makes up for this. I wore a stretchy pencil skirt and a top with black lace and a grey peplum under it.  The gladiator sandals bring out the grey in the top. Of course the hat is what makes this outfit completely “extra” I vow the start buying bigger and bigger hats!

Black Hat and red lips

Orange Coat and Black Hat

An extra bonus is by fluke my pedicure matches the coat! The only accessory I’m wearing is one of my go-to creations 

Black Hat Outfit

Orange Coat: Zara
Peplum Shirt:
Hat: Express
Skirt: Jacob
Sandals: Sam Edelman


Carnival Outfit

Let’s Go to ‘the Ex’ Outfit

Ferris Wheel

Going to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) or ‘The Ex’ is a tradition! I must get Tiny Tom’s donuts, deep fried Oreos and my 99 cent spaghetti! Surprisingly with a nut allergy I am still able to fully enjoy the unhealthy food 🙂

I really wish I would have gotten some better pictures given the location has so much craziness and energy in it. Oh well, there is always next year. At least I felt cute in my outfit.

The skirt is from Express and I’ve styled it a few other ways here and here. It is perfect because it poufs out so you can eat in it!

Skirt: Express
Shirt: French Connection
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Made by me

Business Outfit - Pocket Square - women

Top Shop Dress = Shirt and a Pocket Square (DIY)

Blonde Laughing

This shirt was originally a dress. I bought it at Top Shop many years ago on a trip to London. I couldn’t try it on and so wanted an item from there (this was before it came to Canada). The dress didn’t exactly fit and was both tight and loose at the same time on the hips (how does that happen?). It wasn’t very comfortable or flattering. But the item was sentimental; I wanted to keep it.

Taking SCISSORS to the dress would make it work! Below is the original dress.


Matching pocket square and shirt

I cut the dress an inch or so underneath the zipper and I used the excess skirt fabric to make a perfectly matching pocket square. I sewed up the bottom hem of the shirt and did my best to sew a square (it is way harder than you’d think). Even if my hem isn’t perfect you can’t tell when I tuck the shirt in or fold the square.

To bring out the white in the shirt I paired it with a white blazer from JCrew. The cuts of their suiting fit me perfect. I have this style blazer in a few in different colours. The super cute black flats have bows on them and are my new go-to. I wore the ensemble to work and it was fine to last all day because of the stretch in the skirt.

What I wore to work - edgy

Matching Pocket Square Outfit

Bonus: I reused and saved something from the garbage heap to make a completely unique outfit. I also had extra fabric to gift another pocket square or to practice sewing. Yay upcycling!

Shirt and pocket square: refashioned Top Shop dress
Blazer: JCrew
Skirt: Jacob (now closed)
Shoes: H&M

Salvador Dali Graffiti Wall

Summer Shorts Outfit and a Green Salvador Dali

I found this random, weird green Dali depiction while wandering around The Junction. It brought back memories of long ago summers. Salvador Dali is my favourite artist, I’ve read his autobiography, memorized his history and I missioned alone in Spain to his museum. It was a two hour train ride from Barcelona and I got stranded there for a few hours because the train went on siesta when I wanted to return. At the time it was terrifying; but I’m so glad I made the journey!


Gold Statement Necklace - Etsy

Summer Short Outfit - Street Style


For this hot summer day I went for a shorts outfit that was an alternative and dressier version to the standard jean shorts. These shorts are a favourite of mine that I got while in Hong Kong. The shirt I got while on a trip in London. Wow, three travel mentions in one blog post that sounds obnoxious doesn’t it? Sadly I am broke now and need to relive my travels through murals and outfits.

Summer Shorts Outfit



The gold statement necklace gives drama to the the look and it is currently one of a kind (I may make some for my Etsy). I love this purse, I call it my “big girl purse” since it doesn’t have cartoon characters on it. It looks like bullet holes, but white is sooooo hard to keep clean.

The bestie carrying me.

Green Salvador Dali

Shirt: Top Shop
Shorts: I don’t know where I got them and I couldn’t find the label online.
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Purse: Phillip Lin 3.1
Jewelry: Made by me 

Burgundy Zara Dress

Burgundy Zara Dress

This burgundy dress from Zara was a steal at $15 plus tax. I was so happy to scoop it up; I felt like they must have made a mistake on the sale.

Burgundy Zara Dress

The dress is stretchy and comfortable for being a tight dress. I wore it on a day I had to endure a 10 hour road trip for work and it and felt fine. Of course the shoes came off during that trip!

Gunmetal Zigzag Crystal Earrings

I love this dress because it is so easy! You don’t need to do much to accessorize it. The peak-a-boo detail in the lace and girly frill give interest to an otherwise simple dress. Given the details at the collar; a necklace isn’t necessary. I completed the look with basic black pumps and crystal gunmetal earrings to give the look some dark sparkle. The lipstick is Rebel by Mac and is similar to the dress shade.

Zigzag Gunmetal Crystal Earrings

Dress: Zara
Heels: Steve Madden
Earrings: Bright Shadows Jewelry

Pink Coat!

I am so ready for spring and bright colours! The first bloom I saw convinced me that Easter was the turning point. Although since then April and May showers have emerged.


This outfit is colour overload; I love it! I got the galaxy scarf on sale at Club Monaco a few years ago. It is one of my favourite pieces because it is huge, silk and is definitely a statement piece. The orange skirt is actually really comfortable because the fabric is stretchy. I liked it so much that I bought it in two colours; orange and blue (also on sale!)


And of course Easter PEEPS are my guilty pleasure. Peeps and champagne = happiness.

Pink Coat: Zara
Orange Skirt: Pink Tartan
Galaxy Scarf: Club Monaco
Shirt: Jacob (still sad it closed)
Pumps: Steve Madden



Anna Sui T-shirt



You usually won’t find me rocking a t-shirt; they are generally too casual for me. But I bought this Anna Sui shirt when I was in Hong Kong a few years ago. It has a blonde girl playing guitar on it and I thought “This is me on a t-shirt” I always loved this designer’s style; but it’s expensive and hard to find her stuff in Canada.

I dressed up the t-shirt with a pearl necklace I made and a pouffy skirt to make the look more girly and funky. The sock bun has a pop of neon pink extensions which brings out the pink in the shirt and the make-up is nude. I wore this outfit to a friend’s spontaneous house party.


T-Shirt – Anna Sui
Skirt – Express
Necklace – one of a kind and made by me 🙂
Boots – Le Chateau
Earrings – Kate Spade