Toronto Tunnel of glam outfit

Toronto Tunnel of Glam Outfit – Shiny Leggings

I have seen the “Tunnel of Glam” all over Instagram lately. It is an art exhibit and man-made tunnel that has sequin walls. But they just aren’t any sequins, they are the sequins that are two sided and change colours when you move them. I will admit that I find these sequins so satisfying to move. Whenever I see a shirt or notebook covered in them I am compelled to touch them. So this tunnel was sensory overload.

Happy New Year 2019 in Sequins
Sequin Wall changing colours

I went on my lunch break as the tunnel (which is at Yonge and St. Clair beside The Shoppers) is only a short subway ride. Surprisingly at noon on December 31st the tunnel was still packed. Don’t let the pictures fool you I didn’t have tranquility in the tunnel – so many children. Luckily I got to visit the tunnel on the last day it was open. I didn’t even realize it was closing – great timing! The description said it encourages patrons to draw and participate in the walls. As you can see there are some drawings, hearts, names, and words on the walls. I can’t take credit for any art on the wall, they were surprisingly hard to draw on.

Red hat with pompom outfit - winter layers

For the photos I planned to wear my new red hat I got for Christmas, but I couldn’t find my black winter coat. So I put on loads of layers (blazer, sweater, leather gloves etc.) to make the white coat work. The coat is fairly thin and isn’t a winter coat, see how I styled it here. Luckily it was quite mild (3 degrees) when we visited. Since we were seeing a sequin wall I needed some sparkle, so wore these shiny black and silver leggings. They are comfy and glamorous, you wouldn’t believe how stretchy they are!

Shiny Leggings Outfit

  • Leggings: TSOQ
  • Studded boots: Sam Edelman
  • White coat: Zara
  • Black leather gloves: Danier
  • Blanket scarf: I don’t know where it is from
  • Hat: was a gift
  • Underneath you can’t see I’m wearing three layers to keep warm!