Ali Express Frozen Costume Review

Cheap Frozen Costume (AliExpress Review)

Elsa Frozen Cosplace

As a favour to a friend I agreed to dress up like Elsa from Frozen for her three year old’s birthday party. But let’s be honest, being a Disney princess for a day is more of my dream than the child’s. I did my best to whip up a cheap costume that I didn’t have to DIY too much- as much as I love to make my own costumes, I just didn’t have the time.

The entire costume cost under $20 as I used things I already owned (besides the dress). I must admit my tickle trunk of supplies may be more than the average person – so hopefully you have similar items at home. The main part of the costume is the princess dress which I bought from AliExpress for around $17 with shipping.  So it was likely cheaper to buy the dress than DIY my own. But it was sooo see-through. I needed to wear a few layers underneath that made me look bigger than I am and ruined the line. If you buy this dress get a good slip so it doesn’t look bulky like mine did. Although the quality was poor the fabric had stretch so it fit fine, which is always a risk when buying online.  As dresses go, it will make you look close enough to Elsa, so for the price I’d recommend it.

I used an old blonde wig I had from previous costumes and braided it to the side. I had rhinestone snowflake clips that I put in the braid and beside my ear to add sparkle and keep the wig in place.

For the makeup I wore gobs of purple eyeshadow with shimmer over it and added false lashes that had silver tinsel in them. I also paired it with a pop of pink lips. For the earrings I wore shiny crystal studs.

For a cheap princess costume I’d recommend going this route- but shipping takes awhile.


  • Dress: Ali Express

Already Owned

  • Blonde wig (my hair was too short to go natural)
  • Shiny snowflake hair clips
  • Slip to go under the see through dress
  • Shiny purple makeup

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