DIY Queen of Hearts Costume - DIY a tutu, crown, deck of cards collar and scepter! Off with their heads!

DIY Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume (VIDEO)

DIY Queen of Hearts Costume-Step by step video tutorial to make the tutu, crown, scepter and deck of cards collar.

Queen of Hearts DIY Costume

Queen of Hearts DIY Costume -

If you know anything about me you know Halloween is my Christmas. As October approaches I’m really getting into the spirit. Making costumes from scratch is one of my essential things to do for Halloween. Last year I did my own version of the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland. Some pieces were bought, but the main parts were DIY’d. I forced my partner to be the Mad Hatter and by fluke my bestie and friends of friends also dressed up as the characters – so I had an entire crew to match my costume.

Couples costume - Alice in Wonderland

Click below to watch the full DIY costume video.

Full disclosure the costume is comprised of bought and handmade items.


  • Corset
  • Black and white tights (dollar store)
  • Flamingo Purse


Queen of Hearts accessories - DIY

  • Card Collar
  • Tutu
  • Crown
  • Pleated Cuffs
  • Scepter
  • Earrings



  • Deck of cards
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Fishing line/invisible thread (to tie ends together)


  1. Spread the cards out. I used a memory wire to gauge the size of my neck as I added cards
  2. Glue the cards together on an angle ensuring the number at the top shows
  3. Keep gluing the cards on an angle and bend into shape as you do
  4. Once it is long enough bend it again and turn over
    Glue spaces on the back
  5. Glue cards flat on the back to secure it more (this is optional)
  6. Poke tiny holes in the bottom corner of the outside cards. You will put a fishing line through this and lie together to secure it


This tutu is no sew, except for sewing the elastic together. However you could tie the elastic, but that is lazy and poor craftsmanship! Lol


  • Tulle (black and red)
  • Elastic


  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Cut a wide (at least an inch) piece of elastic around half an inch smaller than you waist
  • Sew ends together with machine or by hand
  • Cut strips of tulle that are around 1-2 inches in width. The length of the strip is doubled the length of the skirt. I wanted mine shorter in the front and longer in the back so I gradually cut longer and longer lengths from the short length in the front.
  • Fold strip in half
  • Fold the loop over the elastic waistband and pull the two ends through the loop and pull tight
  • Repeat in the colour and length pattern you desire


Pleated Queen of Hearts Cuffs


  • White cotton fabric
  • White Lace
  • White Ribbon
  • Thread


  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Needle/sewing machine


  1. Cut width of cuff you desire
  2. Fold the pleats and press the iron down as you pleat. Keep pleating with the iron until you reach the length of your wrist.
  3. Sew across with a sewing machine (this will be easier than by hand)
  4. Gather lace and pin in place across cuff
  5. Put ribbon on top of line of lace and sew all three layers together
  6. I frayed the edges of the cuffs
  7. Tie together in bow


DIY Queen of Hearts Scepter, DIY Edwardian Cuffs


  • Wooden dowel
  • Cards
  • Ribbon (black and gold)
  • Decoration for top
  • Glue


  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Heart stencils (or freehand)


  1. Glue and wrap black ribbon around dowel. Secure with glue every few wraps.
  2. Glue decoration on top. I used a red Christmas ornament
  3. Cut cards in hearts
  4. Embellish as you like

Lolita Crown

DIY Queen of Hearts Costume - makeup, deck of cards collar, lolita crown

Queen of Hearts Jewelry - crown and earrings - DIY


  • Rhinestones (on a chain – meaning they are connected)
  • Gold wire
  • Heart crystal beads
  • Red and gold beads


This crown is in the gothic lolita style – they are usually made of pearls. I modified this technique and made it with rhinestone, gold wire and beads. I made the form in wire with some beads and wrapped the rhinestones throughout.

Happy Halloween! How would you make the Queen of Hearts your own version?

DIY Queen of Hearts Costume-Step by step video tutorial to make the tutu, crown, scepter and deck of cards collar.


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