White Lace Boho Shirt

White Lace Boho Shirt (2 Ways)

When I saw this shirt I thought it was gorgeous and so delicate. It has this angelic white lace with dramatic bell sleeves – the sleeves make it! Although they are a bit over the top they are still short enough to not get in the way of things like eating or typing on the computer (fashion needs to be functional).  The details of the contrasting lace at the collar and where the sleeves connect make the shirt even more special.

Below are two ways I rocked this lace piece.

Boho Resort Outfit

Giant Chess Board - Jamaica

Boho Outfit - lace shirt and jean shorts

This was an outfit I wore walking around the resort and having pina colodas in Jamaica. I love how I feel like a hippie who is one with the earth in it.

The shorts have lace and are that ripped-up look. They are totally boho and are surprisingly comfortable- maybe because they are so naked. So together I feel like a free spirit running around the beach. The red pompom earrings are my newest creation and give a pop of colour to the outfit. The purse and hat are embellished DIYs by me.

Shirt: Siistar
Shorts: Free People (but on sale from an outlet)
Hat: H&M (embellished via a DIY)
Sandals: Sam Edelman

White Lace Shirt Brunch Outfit

White Lace Boho Shirt - Work appropriate

This look is more dressed up and ‘uptight’ I wore it to a girls brunch. I have also worn this look to the office – so it is less of a hippie outfit (although still pretty).  The tailored cropped pants and black and white splattered purse are more structured than the other look. The sandals were bought in Capri, Italy and have rhinestone butterflies on them.

Shirt: Siistar
Cropped Pants: Tommy Hilfigher
Purse: When I travelled to Hong Kong
Sandals: On a trip to Capri

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