DIY Sequin Sunhat Video Tutorial

DIY Sequin Sunhat (VIDEO)

DIY Hello Sunshine Sunhat

I have seen these sunhats everywhere. I’m pretty sure the original idea is a knock-off of a quite expensive version (I think it is by Eugenia Kim). I saw one at Holt Renfrew for hundreds of dollars. They are so cute and quirky, but the likelihood of me spending serious cash on a beach hat is slim. Especially an item that is likely to get wrecked or lost on the beach.

I’ve seen lots of funny sayings on them like: “Do Not Disturb”  “Go Away” “Beach Please” and many monogrammed versions. Since the hat seemed overpriced and I could never find the exact one with the colour, phrase and shape I wanted I decided I would DIY one.

Packing for the Beach

The DIY has simple supplies. A sunhat (duh!) I got this one last season at H&M for $7 and have been saving it for this craft. Trim of your choice, I bought my sequin trim at a fabric store by the yard. E6000 glue because it holds up to water.

I thought this craft would be easy, but it was so much harder than I expected. When I glued the trim it wouldn’t easily stick down but stuck to everything else together. I had to use tweezers to push the trim to the hat because it kept sticking to me. I almost thought this was going to be a craft fail. I also have horrible penmanship (and trust me it is really bad) so I was worried free-handing the writing would be disastrous. But I think you can tell what I wrote!


DIY Sunhat Supplies

  • Sunhat
  • Sequin trim
  • E6000 glue
  • Masking tape (to temporarily secure the letters)


  1. Decide on the phrase you want to write. I went for “hello sunshine” Just Google and you’ll find lots of cute examples.
  2. Slowly write the words with the sequin trim and secure with masking tape to the hatDIY Sunhat Hello
  3. Glue the sequin trim to the hat and remove the tape as you glue.DIY Sunhat in progress
  4. . Let dry for at least a day.

Note: If you are comfortable you don’t have to tape the letters first you can go straight to gluing. But I knew I would mess that up; so I wouldn’t dare be that bold

Hello Sunshine Banana Bikini

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