Eating Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Rainbow Unicorn Surprise Cake

If you want a Rainbow Unicorn Surprise Cake to be nut-free likely you’ll have to make it yourself. But I don’t have enough patience to make myself a just because layer cake.

I was leaving a project at work to take on another role. My fabulous co-worker often would bake for the team, but sadly I could never eat it. Guaranteeing a nut-free cake in a contaminated home is tricky. But for my going away week she asked me if I had any requests – and what do you think I asked for?

MAKE ME A RAINBOW CAKE! Pretty please.

I was so obsessed with this cake I decided to make a video to commemorate it. Wait for the surprise inside…

I’ve never been able to eat a cake like this before and it has always been a dream to get one. Given how time-consuming it must have been I was surprised she delivered something so elaborate – I totally didn’t expect anything. I was half-joking when I requested it – I am so grateful for the effort! She went the extra mile: she bought a new bag of flour, new paper towels, disinfected her kitchen multiple times, then became paranoid that her clothes may have been contaminated with previous nut residue. To make her feel better I made choking noises after the first bite – I’m a jerk. Nonetheless baking for me was likely a stressful experience she will never do again lol.

Sprinkle Cake

Look at all the rainbow and sweetness overload! So much colour; I’m dying! The Skittles inside made me lose it.

Rainbow Cake with Skittles

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