Colourful Outfit and a purple wall

Kaleidoscope Dress – Forever 21

Kaleidoscope Dress and Coral Coat

Kaleidoscope Dress - Pink and Purple

This outfit went straight from work to evening drinks. Since it is finally nice my co-worker and I ventured to Kensington Market, which is one of the cooler, hippie areas in Toronto. Like the market, this outfit is colour overload and may be too crazy for most offices. But whatever, it is spring and I believe there is never too much colour.

The formfitting dress underneath is like a kaleidoscope of flowers which I got ages ago at Forever 21. It’s so different and was affordable, but I haven’t worn it nearly as much given the crazy pattern. The coral coat is one of my favourite go-to pieces. I reach for it whenever I want to make a statement and I’m not sure what to wear. The boots are black velvet and work for fall as well – and they are comfy even though they may not look it. The only piece of jewelry I’m wearing are turquoise feather and chain earrings I made. Since the dress is so busy, you don’t need much of anything else.

Turquoise Feather Earrings - Etsy

The purpose of the after work adventure with my fashion friend was to find a patio and a good graffiti wall – luckily we didn’t have to search for long!

Coat: Zara
Dress: Forever 21 (from years ago)
Boots: Indigo Rd (from The Bay)
Feather Earrings: made by me

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