Floral Dress long sleeves

Long Sleeved Floral Dress – Zara

Call for Champagne

Just when I think it is spring it starts to snow again! I wore this dress for one of my sister day activities when it was finally nice out (although the pleasant weather was temporary). I bought this dress from Zara during Boxing Day sales and it was around $17! With tax – can you believe that?! I love that it is a pastel floral print and it reminds me of spring. Maybe if I dress in floral flowers will bloom. The long sleeves made it more comfortable for me since it is quite form fitting so it is sexy without having too much skin.

Every few weeks my sister and I try to schedule a fun activity for us to do. We bought a Groupon for a glass of prosecco and blow dry and style at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. I’ve always wanted to try this place because it looks really pretty and pink- it has been all over Instagram. However, I don’t really do my nails and I thought this was the salon’s main purpose. So when I saw the deal I thought it would be a fun day. Now that I have extensions I can have mermaid beach waves so this was the perfect activity. We were able to sip prosecco while being pampered. I would definitely come back here just for a drink without the service as well. The staff was great and we got some fun pictures. I was channeling Lady Gaga from the Telephone video all through these photos. I must admit I wore the pink and gray floral to match the decor.

Call for champagne

Look at my sister looking at me adoringly 🙂

Me channeling Lady Gaga in the Telephone Video


We started our day off with great hair and headed out for brunch. We ate at the Colette, but it was way too busy to take any pictures at. Sadly, there will be no pictures from that pretty space.

I paired the dress with a white jacket which has great bell sleeves on it. This makes the dress more professional especially since it is pretty tight and may be too risque in the office. With the jacket I could also wear it to work. The boots have a small heel and are easy to walk in which was perfect because we were exploring downtown.

Her Majesty's Pleasure sister date

Floral Dress for work

Floral dress: Zara
White coat: Zara
Boots: Sam Edelman

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