Floral Suit at AGO First Thursdays

Navy Floral Pant Suit

Art Gallery Outfit

If you know me you know I love a good power suit and floral. Often suits can be bland; but this suit definitely isn’t boring. Sometimes it is hard to bring floral print into cold weather; but this dark pattern totally works for the winter. If you remember I also have  a spring Floral Suit look which is similar to this suit but brighter. The difference between the two looks is also the fabric, this winter suit has thicker fabric than the more airy spring version. The darker colours of this pattern make it more formal and winter appropriate although it is still funky and has loads going on.

I wore this outfit to First Thursdays at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I went straight from office to night without changing a thing……wait stop, I lied, that isn’t completely true, I did put false eyelashes on for the night. Having an outfit that would work for both venues that I felt awesome in made life so much easier.

This was my first time visiting the AGO First Thursdays party; they open the gallery up for drinking and dancing. I was there early and had much of the gallery to myself which was lovely. Most people went straight to the bar, but I had time to kill while waiting for my friend so I enjoyed the solitude to really absorb the gallery. Many of the rooms you can’t bring alcohol into, for obvious reasons, but there is still enough room to enjoy the art and party. There was one exhibit by Yayoi Kusama open to the public, sadly since tickets are sold out this may be the only exhibit of hers I see 🙁

Navy Floral Suit H&M

Navy Floral Pant Suit for the winter

This whole suit was from H&M, it also had a shirt in the same pattern but I couldn’t find my size. I wish I also had the shirt I would love to rock full floral! The pants are form fitting and cropped a bit so just a touch of ankle is showing. This makes the suit younger and more casual. The jacket is double breasted and quite loose so it is comfortable even though it is still suiting. I wore a cream blouse to make the look less dark and it brings out some of the lighter colours in the floral pattern. I wish I would have had the will to have worn black stilettos, they would have looked even more boss. But knowing I’d be on my feet for 12+ hours I went for comfort and wore studded ankle boots with a modest heel.

Gallery Outfit - Floral Pant Suit

Suit: H&M
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Sam Edelman


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