Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfit

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfit

Red Lace Shirt

How to Wear a Long Formal Skirt

I was lucky I had this skirt waiting when I got a last minute ticket to Malanka, Ukrainian New Years. Unfortunately, my friend’s date needed to cancel attending the party, but luckily I could step in. I’m really glad to have any excuse to dress up.

Malanka Date

I loved this skirt because it reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. I was subtly channeling the Disney princess as I twirled around while attempting to dance the polka. The red I wore happened to match the venue decor. The party was at the Liberty Grand, which is an ideal place for weddings or high school proms, both of which I’ve attended there. The building was beautiful and decorated red and gold for a Moulin Rouge theme. It’s so interesting to see how decor can change a place. When I attended my friend’s wedding there last year everything was white and delicate, now the inside looked risque and decadent. Nonetheless, the place looked magical and my friend and I were dressed up like princesses.

Red Rose Skirt

Red Lace Top

I got this skirt on sale at Zumel and Company, a boutique on Queen West, and had no idea where I would ever wear it. It seemed like a ridiculous purchase; where am I really going to wear a pouffy ankle-length skirt? But it was big, fabulous and on sale so I HAD to have it. I had a vision of wearing it with a lacy red shirt because of the rose on the front. A few days before the Malanka celebration I searched and found this top on sale at Zara. I think this outfit looks fancy and marvelous, but in reality was such a steal. Accessories excluded the whole ensemble cost less than $50! I wore glittery J. Crew earrings and held a silver clutch from Danier Leather (it was actually a present for being a bridesmaid). I paired them with red sateen shoes to give a peck-a-boo pop of red against the black.

Malanka Date

We went outside around midnight to take pictures – a very smart thing to do in January without a jacket. Thus I caught a cold and I blame my need to take Instagram photos!

Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zumel & Company
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Clutch: Danier Leather (sadly now closed)



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