Picnic layout

ChocoSol Chocolate

I get extremely excited when I discover new nut free products, especially when they are chocolate based. I discovered ChocoSol Traders when I went to the Dufferin Grove farmers market to research for an article I was writing. I am also a sucker for pretty and skull based marketing so when I saw this chocolate it was a given I’d buy some.

Package Free Chocolate - ChocoSol

Girl holding Picnic Basket

As an added bonus the chocolate can come package-free and the wrapping is paper – so they are pretty green. Yes, I can feel ethical when eating chocolate!

The chocolate is definitely real and cacoa- based so if you want a something that tastes like an Aero bar you’ll be disappointed. But it will satisfy your sweet tooth and make a perfect (and cute) picnic addition (especially if you grab it from the farmers’ market then find your picnic spot). I hear they also make cookies and hot chocolate so I’ll visit the store to try those next. 

ChocoSol Traders Chocolate

Shakespeare in High Park

Watching Queen Lear (not King Lear) at Shakespeare in the Park.

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