Girl Holding Blueberry basket

Berry Picking Outfit

Berry Picking Outfit

I have not been berry picking since I was a child. I fondly remember blueberry picking at my cousins’ cottage and searching to find the biggest ones. I knew doing it this year was a must!

We went to Andrews Scenic Acres in Milton, which was just over an hour outside of the city. It was beautiful and you could find a quiet berry picking spot despite the crowds. 

Blueberry and Raspberry Baskets

Blueberry Picking

Berry Picking

I threw on an outfit that was cute and slightly practical. But I must admit I regretted the sandals after stepping on my third thistle. However, the jean shorts are easy to move in and the sun hat protected my skin, although it kept blowing off my head.  I wore a loose polyester tank top I didn’t care about and I tied a turquoise ribbon on the hat to match the shoes.  Adding a ribbon to the hat is an easy way to customize an outfit. 

The blueberries were easy and fun to pick but the raspberries were a struggle. There were so many bees around them and I urged my bee allergy boyfriend to stop picking the raspberries and run to safety. At the end we had a decent amount of both and it was a successful day!

Sunhat: H&M
Sunglass: Kate Spade
Shirt: Urban Planet (from ages ago)
Shorts: Jacob
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Feather & Chain Earrings: Made by me

Berry Picking Outfit


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