Salvador Dali Graffiti Wall

Summer Shorts Outfit and a Green Salvador Dali

I found this random, weird green Dali depiction while wandering around The Junction. It brought back memories of long ago summers. Salvador Dali is my favourite artist, I’ve read his autobiography, memorized his history and I missioned alone in Spain to his museum. It was a two hour train ride from Barcelona and I got stranded there for a few hours because the train went on siesta when I wanted to return. At the time it was terrifying; but I’m so glad I made the journey!


Gold Statement Necklace - Etsy

Summer Short Outfit - Street Style


For this hot summer day I went for a shorts outfit that was an alternative and dressier version to the standard jean shorts. These shorts are a favourite of mine that I got while in Hong Kong. The shirt I got while on a trip in London. Wow, three travel mentions in one blog post that sounds obnoxious doesn’t it? Sadly I am broke now and need to relive my travels through murals and outfits.

Summer Shorts Outfit



The gold statement necklace gives drama to the the look and it is currently one of a kind (I may make some for my Etsy). I love this purse, I call it my “big girl purse” since it doesn’t have cartoon characters on it. It looks like bullet holes, but white is sooooo hard to keep clean.

The bestie carrying me.

Green Salvador Dali

Shirt: Top Shop
Shorts: I don’t know where I got them and I couldn’t find the label online.
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Purse: Phillip Lin 3.1
Jewelry: Made by me 

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