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How to Make a Teacup Lamp

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While indulging my teacup obsession I stumbled upon teacup lamps like this one.

I LOVED the idea and needed to have one! I can totally make this!

Thank you to Vintage Revivals who posted a fabulous tutorial. I like the homemade ones WAY better than Anthropolgie.

***Vintage Revival’s tutorial used a rod, my lamp did not have a rod, just a cord.  She also didn’t glue the pieces I did.

My lamp cost approximately $30, the most expensive piece was the $20 lamp making kit.


  • Random China – all of mine was from Goodwill – yay recycling!
  • lamp making kit – mine was from Canadian Tire
  • Drill bit (hollow one for porcelain)
  • liquid cement
  • glue – GOOP glue

Step 1
Find your china. It can be mismatched and I find different shapes make it more interesting. All of mine was from Goodwill so I was up-cycling which makes me so EXCITED! It was also super cheap.

Step 2
Mark the centre of the back of the china to be drilled.

Step 3
Drill the holes in the pieces.

IMPORTANT: Do this under running water in the sink. It will take awhile before the drill will go through the porcelain. Rock the bit back and forth and put some pressure on it. Take breaks to rinse off the porcelain dust.

Be patient. It will work, but progress slow. You can see I got impatient on the mug and there is a big hole.

TIP: I found better quality China was easier to drill through (i.e. Royal Albert).

Step 4
Stack the arrangement and find a design you like.

Step 5
Feed the lamp cord through the holes and glue the lamp pieces together. I used this very sticky craft glue called GOOP, I find it works well on most things. I buy mine at a craft store on Queen St.

Step 6
Assemble the lamp making kit per the instructions. My lamp kit was made and China and the instructions didn’t exactly make sense…I find YouTube is amazing when this happens.

Step 7
Pour instant mix cement into the top teacup which holds the light. This will anchor the light and fix it straight.


Step 8
Put a lamp shade on.
Plug in.
Admire your awesome work.


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